The Billionaires Club: Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC

Hussain Sajwani is a billionaire businessman who has spent his entire life in Dubai. He makes his fortune by selling high-end properties in Dubai. Hussian Sajeani founded his own company DAMAC in 2002. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Science from the University of Washington. Since the law was changed about selling a property to foreigners, he has made billions of dollars. DAMAC owns property in the heart of Dubai. Now Hussain Sajwani has gone global and plans to continue to work with fellow real estate tycoon Donald Trump.

The owner of DAMAC says that the Trumps and his family are good friends. They first collaborated on two golf courses. One is located in Dubai and the other is located in Florida. They are called the Donald Trump International Golf Course. Hussain Sajwani says that the Trump children are very involved with every project that they take on. Their friendship over the years has only become stronger and they have dinner together on a regular basis. They meet up either in New York or Dubai, depending on the business at hand. The families hope to do more business together as time goes on and it looks like there are more projects are on the horizon with Eric, Ivanka, and Donald Trump Jr.

In an article published by, DAMAC is a real estate firm that deals primarily with high-end clientele. The company also rents properties and living spaces to the same clients. The deals are sometimes sweetened by the fact that a Lamborghini is thrown in as an incentive to rent an apartment or buy a property. Hussain Sajwani also has big deals with other companies like Bugatti and Versace. He primarily deals with big companies who have a well-known reputation and big money behind them.

DAMAC, as well as other business dealings, have made the name Hussain Sajwani well-known around the business world. He has made his fortune his way and with the changing of a single law has set a lofty goal for other businessmen to try to reach. This is the nature of the business and just the way Hussain Sajwani likes it.

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Betsy DeVos Is Engaging With Conservative Education Reform

For years, the refrain surrounding the American public school system has been simple: there isn’t enough being done and children are being left behind. This mindset has permeated the way that politicians reference education but so few have been willing to stump for real change that can have long-lasting effects. Betsy DeVos is the newest Secretary of Education, appointed to the post by President Donald Trump, and she is echoing many of the same sentiments as those before her, albeit with a twist. Instead of just wringing her hands, Betsy DeVos is engaging in the idea of education reform from a conservative perspective — something that has rarely been done over the past couple of decades.


Betsy DeVos is a staunch conservative and mega-donor from the state of Michigan. For the better part of the past 30 years, DeVos has worked to tirelessly introduce the concept of true conservative education reform to the United States of America. By focusing on Michigan primarily, DeVos has been able to personalize her message while hammering home improvements to her own state. What exactly is conservative education reform? How is her mindset any different than the work that President George Bush attempted back in the early aughts? The difference, it turns out, starts with a man named Milton Friedman.


More than 50 years ago, Milton Friedman penned ‘The Role of Government in Education’. His writing focused on the role of the American government in the realm of education. Friedman, who was admittedly ahead of his time, would introduce the concept of ‘school choice‘ to the national registrar for the first time. The concept was picked up by Betsy DeVos, albeit at a much later date, and she has since worked to introduce it to the rest of the world. School choice would bring more equality to the field of education and it would allow students to have the opportunity to pursue their education that fits them more personally. This, in essence, is the core of school choice and the core of what has become the conservative position on education reform.


School choice is an admittedly tough sell to progressive leaders within teacher’s unions around the country and that is something that Betsy DeVos clearly understands. After being confirmed for her post at the Department of Education, DeVos quickly went about arranging a face-to-face with some of the most prominent union leaders in the field of education. While the vast majority of these representatives snubbed the invitation, largely in their NeverTrump angst, some few did choose to participate. Among those that attended the meeting was Randi Weingarten, a union representative. Weingarten was quick to realize that Betsy DeVos was a lesson in personality versus policy and how it is hard to differentiate the two at a glance. DeVos, Weingarten went on to admit, was soft-spoken and amicable during the discussion but her words were wrought with steel. Weingarten concluded that DeVos was a true believer of the school choice concept and that she would be a tough opponent during the legislative process.


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The Chainsmokers and Alex Pall’s Continued Success Rooted in Always Keeping Music Fresh

An artist has to be both creative and self-disciplined to succeed. It’s no longer enough to be complacently lazy and starving. It’s no longer enough to slack out and just wait for the right moment to come. For commercial success to happen, artists have to hustle, grind and put themselves out there. In the Interview Magazine feature of Alex Pall, people learned that Pall’s success is because of such set of values.


Pall invited Andrew Taggart to be part of The Chainsmokers. Both of them clicked on the day that they met. They were able to join forces, create music together and come up with a set of compositions that satisfied them both almost immediately. However, it’s one thing for this duo to create passionate lyrics, but it’s also another layer of challenge to make sure that these songs hit the nerve and get positive feedback from their audience.


Fortunately, these songs got a positive response. The Chainsmokers is now considered one of the most commercially successful EDM bands today. While most EDM pride themselves in the beats and bass hits in the song, Pall’s success’ in EDM is in the lyrics. He is able to push the frontier of EDM by focusing on lyrics, words and stories in the EDM, instead of just churning hooks and catchy beats.


Pall also believes that the secret to always staying relevant and creatively successful is to not settle. Artists should always keep on doing new things that excite them.


The secret to Pall’s successful performance in live shows may also come from the fact that he wants things to grow bigger and bigger. One successful show that The Chainsmokers did was the one in Red Rock, and it was so successful that it already sold out just seven months before the event. It could be said that this pushed through because of the calculation and planned effort of Pall to always make the performance in the freshest way possible. Right now, the continued success of The Chainsmokers comes from Pall’s focus on building better productions and more creative short acts.

Real Estate Investor Jim Toner Is Helping Other People Prosper

For over 25 years Jim Toner has been a very successful real estate investor. He started with no money, no credit and no knowledge of the real estate industry, made millions and has created an easy-to-use system for finding, buying and selling real estate and making a significant profit consistently. Toner has taught thousands of people from all over the country how to use his real estate system to purchase residential and commercial properties. He does so through his radio show, his Wealth Builder classes and private consultations. His system has been tested, enhanced and improved time and again.

To give a broader audience access to his lucrative real estate investment system, Jim Toner published a book called “The Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real Estate: How to Profit in Today’s Market Using History’s Greatest Wealth Builder” in 2016. The book contains a wide array of effective strategies Toner, his business partners and his students have used to identify lucrative investment deals, find the money to purchase the properties and locate people with the interest in and money to buy the properties. The book is a step-by-step guide for making a living in the real estate industry.

A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Jim Toner did not have any special training when he first began investing in real estate. Through trial and error he has been able to develop a system that consistently generates excellent returns on his real estate investments. Working with The Napoleon Hill Foundation and professionals like Sharon Lechter, Bill Bartmann, Frank McKinney and others, Toner has done appearances all over the country talking to people about the opportunities available to make money in real estate, if you invest intelligently. Toner has also appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and other television networks and his success has been written about in newspapers and magazines nationwide.

Not only is Jim Toner excited about showing people how to improve their financial situations using real estate, he is also a committed philanthropist. Toner is chairperson of the advisory board of the Salvation Army branch in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is also actively involved in the Caring House Project Foundation, a program designed to help the needy that is run by Frank and Nilsa McKinney. Jim Toner has also worked helping veterans and the homeless for many years. Over the years Toner has given fully paid for homes to military veterans on three different occasions.

Over the past two and a half decades Jim Toner used his 12 Little Houses Plan, worked with his Private Client Group and offered private coaching to help thousands of people to find financial freedom. He has had a positive impact on the quality of life many people enjoy.

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NV foundation and bronzer takes world of cosmetics by storm

More and more, people across the globe are coming over to the incredible products on offer from Jeunesse Global. The company, which is only nine years old, has quickly become a household name throughout much of the globe. And this is due not just to the fantastic and effective products that the company sells. Jeunesse Global has been able to spread real economic opportunity across the globe to all who are willing to put in a little hard work. With six different possible income streams, Jeunesse Global is not only creating some of the most innovative products that the world of health and beauty has ever seen, it is also making millionaires out of its distributors, worldwide.

People who have been, by accident, born into areas where few real economic opportunities exist have been able to lift themselves up and give their families a new life. Thanks to the generous compensation package available to all Jeunesse Global distributors, thousands of people across the globe have been able to reach their financial and life goals, changing the way that they live, work and play in profoundly positive ways.

But while there are a few thousand hardworking souls who have proven through action that the Jeunesse Global business plan is one of the strongest that has ever existed within the direct-selling business, there are literally millions upon millions of customers who have woken up to the reality that Jeunesse Global is currently the bar-none world leader in cosmetics and beauty products.

Just one example of this is the company’s game-changing foundation and bronzer. Known as NV, the foundation is powerful enough that it can provide a youth-enhancing glow to the skin that many women have found is sufficient, in itself, to preclude the need for makeup. On top of that, NV comes in nine different shades, allowing users to subtly manipulate the tone of their skin for maximum beauty.

But the real mark of NV’s superiority is its APT-200 molecule, which has been clinically proven to erase years off of users’ apparent age. With NV, looking young and staying that way are possible in just a couple minutes a day.

Hussain Sajwani: A Real Estate Investment Giant

Hussain Sajwani is partnering with Trump’s organization in completing more real estate deals. The two are recognized titans in the world of real estate investing. He hopes that his relationship with the Trump Organization will grow more in the coming days. He says this with a firm conviction due to the friendship ties that he has with Trump family. They have already worked closely and partnered to bring up the Trump International Golf Club, luxury villas that are packed with around $2 billion in the form of sales. In as much as there have been emerging concerns about their relationship, Hussain is frank to say that their collaboration is beyond the presidency of Trump since he has strong ties with the Trump’s daughter and his sons. He says that all Trump’s children are fully involved in the project, and he believes that through their leadership in the organization, more growth and expansion is foreseeable as they grow their business relationship as well. Hussain continues to add that Trump’s wife and his wife are close friends who visit each other for other functions apart from business. Hussain is clear enough in the issue of being involved in politics. He says that he has no affiliations or interest for political positions or matters. Hussain Sajwani is currently busy pursuing means of boosting his business. He said that he is ready to take their business relationship to another level.

Hussain Sajwani is the DAMAC owner. He founded this great organization, and he continues to serve as the chief executive officer as well. He ranks under Forbes as the tenth richest Arab in the world. Hussain has an estimated net worth of approximately $ 3.7 billion. As the DAMAC owner, Damac Properties is listed the fourth position on the biggest public company in the year 2017. Hussain Sajwani went to Seattle at the University of Washington where he did industrial engineering and economics. Hussain Sajwani, the Damac owner, predicts more growth opportunities in the future for the company. Being the Damac owner has given him a chance to serve the community through various platforms in the company. He strongly appreciates the growth that the company has undergone in his hands as the Damac owner since its founding.

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Neurocore’s Role in Helping People Do Great Things by Training the Brain

Eating is a common thing in our day to day lives. In fact, eating is necessary for survival. All the same, what many people do not know is that what we eat goes a long way in dictating how our minds work and at times how our entire body works. For instance, when one ingests a lot of junk food, he is she is prone to feeling sleepy, logy and lethargic. On the other hand, when one ingests a balanced diet full of nutrients he or she is not only able to stave off hunger but also maintain a healthy body and mind. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Having been in the neuroscience field for quite a number of years, Neurocore welcomes a comprehensive approach on how to keep the brain healthy. According to research, scientists say that eating healthy foods in order to keep the heart healthy goes a long way in ensuring that the brain also remains healthy.

Cinnamon, Superfoods, Chia Seeds and raw honey are some of the foods that help in keeping the brain healthy. Raw honey, for instance, contains a lot of antioxidants that are popular for reducing risks of cancer and heart disease. Raw honey usually contains a lot of nutrients unlike the processed one which its nutrients are usually robbed from it. That is not all, raw honey is useful in producing melatonin in the brain. This helps the consumer get better sleep.


Formed by Timothy Royer, NeuroCore is a firm that provides brain-based, data-driven tests and training programs to assist people to manage stress and even improve concentration. Based in Livonia, Michigan, United States of America, Neurocore in less than 15 years of existence, it has quickly become a national authority in neuroscience.

Currently, Neurocore has nine branches in Michigan and Florida which work round the clock in training their patients to develop their brains to the best capability possible. In all the branches one can get all the available care options including the customized care plans. Memory Boot Camp and Assessment & Training are some of these customized plans that offer specific treatment methods to specific people. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Hussain Sajwani; the heart of the UAE

In the heart of the UAE, lies Hussain Sajwani, founder, and chairman of real estate giant company DAMAC Properties that was founded in 2002.

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, studied at the University of Washington where he graduated with his bachelors. His career begun when he joined GASCO Company as a Contracts Manager. It did not take him long to start his own company leaving employment. His food services company was started in 1982 and mainly concentrated in serving the U.S military and Bechtel, a giant construction company based in the U.S. In the 90’s, he was building hotels to accommodate the increasing number of people coming to Dubai either to visit, work or to stay. He decided to venture into real estates in 2001 when Dubai finally allowed foreigners in the country to own and develop properties. Hussain Sajwani took advantage of this and started leasing land units. The business became so successful that in 2002, he founded the largest luxurious property development company in the Middle East, DAMAC Properties that mainly targeted the super-rich high class, with a marketing strategy that placed it first among its competitors.

DAMAC Properties mainly deals with the development of high-end residential homes, leisure properties like the two luxurious golf clubs developed for Donald Trump and commercial buildings. Hussain Sajwani markets his company by offering expensive incentives to his clients. DAMAC Properties offers free Lamborghinis and Bentleys to those who buy their properties especially the apartments.

In 2013, Hussain Sajwani started working with Donald Trump to develop two prestigious golf courses in Dubai for the president. His company also started various projects and deals with the Trump Organization, which is Donald Trump’s real estate firm. The two are said to have more than business relations as their families visit each other and the wives are also good friends.

According to an article published on The National, Hussain Sajwani has worked with His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid to provide clothes to the needy children across the globe when he donated two million. DAMAC Properties also support Dubai government efforts to enhance living standards of various communities around the world.

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A Brief History of Fragali’i Airport

     Isolated within the waters of the Pacific Ocean, south of the equator sits two large islands: Upolu and Savali’i. These two islands together make up the country of Samoa, a nation rich in ancient Polynesian culture and exotic exports. Snug on the island of Upolu sits a small but vital airfield: Fragali’i Airport (FGI).

Fragali’i is a small village just outside of Apia, the capital and the largest city of Samoa. The village’s airport has been owned by Polynesian Airlines since 1971 when the Samoa government sparked an interest to incite more tourism on the two exotic islands.

Throughout the years, the Samoa government has done business with other airlines such as Ansett Airlines and Polynesian Blue, with hopes that their flight traffic would increase revenue and more tourism. The airport closed temporally and in July 2002, reopened. What was once a dangerous grass airstrip was now paved and newly remodeled.

After intricate business arrangements in 2005, however, the government soon found itself spending half of their annual budget on flights to and from the country, not as a final destination as officials have hoped for. Not only was the Samoa government losing massive amounts of revenue, but they and the villagers alike had growing concerns about the safety and the amount of noise produced. Fragali’i Airport was shut down later that year.

Although the same concerns remained, the airport was reopened in July 2009 by Polynesian Airlines, resuming flights to Pago Pago and American Samoa. Since 2012 Fragali’i Airport has been utilized by Virgin Samoa, which was previously Polynesian Blue, and is a branch of the larger Virgin Australia brand. Samoa Airways, previously known as Polynesian Airlines, also has busy traffic from the airport, flying routes to and from different islands in the surrounding area.

Despite its unstable history, the Samoa government has been able to maintain a steady profit off Fagali’i Airport, making it an essential asset to the country’s financial well-being.

Obscure to the western world, Samoa has become a popular destination for patrons residing in Australia and New Zealand. There are tons of luxury hotels, museums, and events located just minutes from the airport. The locals are described as friendly and anxious to share their culture through music, food, and art.

Paul Herdsman’s Secrets To Success

Paul Herdsman, the co-founder and COO of NICE Global, is an entrepreneur who has succeeded in establishing a global corporation. This is the goal of many who start their own businesses. However, research shows that very few make it past the fourth year of founding their business. Paul Herdsman shares some of the strategies he used to make his business successful.

Be a positive thinker. Research shows that positive thinkers experience higher productivity. They have more energy, are more resilient and have better lack solving problems. The best way to change your mind set from thinking negatively to thinking positively is by being grateful. Everyday find something to be grateful about. Making a list at the end of every day is a good place to start.

Dare risk. According to Paul Herdsman, success is to be willing to fail. Entrepreneurs who never get started are those who fear failing. The fear of failure paralyses ideas and keeps them from germinating. For any business to success, the entrepreneur must be willing to accept the fact that it might fail and be willing to get up in the event that happens.

Know where you are headed. Many entrepreneurs fail because of lack of vision. Having a vision is an equivalent of having a map. Though not precise, it helps keep you on course. When founding the business, have a clear picture of where you want it to be in the next 15 or 20 years. This will help shape many of the decisions you make.

It’s ok to say no. At the start of your business, especially when you are having a team that is passionate, you will receive a lot of ideas. Learn to say no to some of them. Your time is precious. Only accept ideas that are in line with your vision and core principles. This will help you stay focused.

Find a mentor. It is not easy staying objective in matters pertaining to your business. That’s why every entrepreneur needs a mentor. A mentor will help you look at the condition of your business objectively and help you find solutions and strategies that work. Throughout his journey, Paul Herdsman realized that mentors played a big role in his success. He chose mentors who were where he desired to be.


Learn more about Paul’s business strategies in his 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman


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