The Philanthropy of Anthony Petrello

     Anthony Petrello is a man of many interests. His highest primary interest may be his role as the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, a national leader in the energy industry specializing in land-based drilling operations for oil and natural gas as well as off-shore specialty drilling. In addition, Nabors is also an international drilling company, having conducted drilling operations in over 20 countries. Tony has held the CEO position at Nabors Industries since 1991, leading them out of the energy industry doldrums of the late 1980s and building them into the established high-value company that they are now.

Aside from Tony Petrello’s professional career, there is also another focus for himself and his wife. They are well-recognized as significant philanthropists in their hometown of Houston, Texas, making several very generous donations to causes they feel bring additional quality of life to the community and helps others in the process, especially regarding children and education.

One of Anthony’s primary charitable donations was made to the Neurological Research Institute at the Texas Children’s Hospital. The gift of $5 million was a major contribution to the state hospital that does so much for the children of Texas suffering from a wide variety of neurological disorders. Another $2 million was also donated to the hospital in the future as the Petrello’s philanthropic work is scheduled to continue.

The couple’s contributory drive for this project includes the fact that they have a daughter with cerebral palsy who will also benefit from the high-quality expert care that will now be delivered to all of the children needing the hospital services. The donation will allow the management board to make the hospital a one-of-a-kind in children’s healthcare and a national model for other pediatric medical facilities.

Tony’s pursuit of charitable giving does not stop in Texas. Being a graduate of Yale University, the Petrollo’s have also established a financial campaign for Yale University by making a donation and extending an offering to match a similar donation to the university. The contribution will be used as the beginning of an endowment fund for a scholarship program that will be named in honor of Tony’s mathematics mentor while he was in college. Tony Petrello and his wife made a donation in the amount of $150,000 and will match another donation of $150,000 for the math scholarship endowment fund that will named after Dr. Serge Lang.

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Joel Friant’s The Original Habanero Shaker Uses Fresh Harvested Peppers

Do you see bright orange or red, or maybe even little lines? No, we are not talking about optical illusions here, we are talking about your Habanero harvest peppers are ready for picking. Don’t get discouraged if you picked your peppers too early you can place your peppers on the windowsill on the south and leave them there until it changes to the desired ripened color.

Freshly harvested peppers are great for cooking, but just in case you have not the time or passion to grow your own habanero peppers Joel Fraint was thinking of you (if you are one not keen to producing your own harvest) when he became the main man creating The Original Habanero Shakers which is your green thumb, in a shaker and will do just fine when creating that perfect spicy flavor you crave on your favorite foods.

The Original Habanero Shaker left the market shelves for a while after being established in 1995 but was brought back due to the demands of many who enjoyed these tasty habanero peppers (in a shaker). Since being brought back there has been a revolution in hotter peppers, however, The Original Habanero Shaker takes pride in combining just the right amount of flavor with heat.

The Original Habanero Shakers can be used on just about any food you fancy as Joel proudly shows the world as he places the shaker next to his McDonalds meal on Instagram sparking innovative ways to use these hot and flavorful peppers.

Habanero peppers are not just a tasty additive to food with no real purpose other than to help food taste great. The Original Habanero Shakers are boosted with vitamins, which include Vitamin A and Vitamin B from within the pepper itself. And you do not have to worry about shelf life, decreasing the spiciness of your peppers in a shaker, due to a little alkaloid called Capsaicin which keeps the peppers spicy even after you have cooked them.

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An AvaTrade Review Shows Brokerage Giving up to $10,000 bonuses to Investors

AvaTrade is a Forex and CFD brokerage firm currently creating massive return for all playing its market. Since 2013 AvaTrade has been selling Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that is one of its 250 financial instruments that can be traded. With other brokerage firms not offering to sell these digital currencies, AvaTrade is one of the few taking advantage of the new digital money many millennials are now participants.

AvaTrade uses two platforms, AvaTrader and MetaTrader 4, as its means of trading. Trading with these platforms is a matter of whether you downloaded them or not. Even if you did not want to download their software, you can trade via their web interface online as well. The reason this is so attractive to millennials is due to the easy and access. With more younger people living their lives online, it made sense to make trading an online task as well. Not only the trading, but the currency an online asset to trade.

Another app that is pretty fascinating is the Trade 212 app. This is from Forex and CFD brokerage firm 212. They themselves are also appealing to millennials through a now social networking interface allowing the thoughts, ideas, and conversations. Many are flocking to cryptocurrencies because of their numbers. From a value of $10 billion to over $170 billion dollars in value, even non millennials are taking notice.

While trading Bitcoin can now be done from many institutions, Bitcoin trading is most likely best through AvaTrade. AvaTrade has many incentives other than the bonus of working the cryptocurrency market. AvaTrade has different benefits that can help its investors pocket up to an extra $10,000 dollars via different promotions they may have going on. They have also the highest deposit bonuses, so the more you invest the more you benefit. Aside from the financial benefits, they also have a powerful 24/7 standby customer service team during trading hours. These allow you access to as much knowledge as possible to make the best trading decisions.

Overall, AvaTrade is a force that cannot be denied. Trading through AvaTrade gives an edge to investors.

The Oxford Club – Is The Bitcoin Party Over?

When it first came into being, Bitcoin was worth literally six cents per Bitcoin. The whole world hardly noticed the currency. In fact, most would not have even have called it a currency at all at that point. However, with the price hovering around $10,000 per Bitcoin these days, many more people have taken notice.

The Oxford Club, a private group of investors and entrepreneurs who examine the markets at all times to look for trends as well as new ways to make money, have taken a look at the whole Bitcoin phenomenon and want to know if it is too late to get on board with it.

It turns out that about seventy-five percent of the trading done in Bitcoin is in Asian currencies. That tells you that it has been widely accepted in that part of the world. It is also starting to catch on in some of the emerging markets in South America and Africa. Thus, it could be in for an explosive surge even higher if conditions are right.

Still, it could also be possible that this train has already left the station. If you were the hopeful dreamer who bought Bitcoin when it traded for just a few dollars or even just a few cents per Bitcoin, then you are more than a little pleased with yourself today. However, if you are the person who is just now entering the party, you are probably a bit too late for this one unfortunately.

That being said, even if Bitcoin does not have as much room left to run, this does not mean that other crypto-currencies do not. It is possible that you could latch on to the next Bitcoin if you play your cards right. There are a number of other crypto-currencies out there that may still be a worthwhile investment to you.

Crypto-currencies are an asset in and of themselves at this point. Bitcoin paved the way for them to be respected. Now, it just might be possible to gain more income from them if you invest in the right ones going forward. Perhaps another one is destined for the same kind of path that Bitcoin itself has been on.

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Are Siteline Cabinetry Custom Cabinets Worth Your Investment?

If you are wondering if custom cabinet companies such as Siteline Cabinetry are worth your time and money, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of shopping with a brand such as this Corsi Group add-on. Priced quite competitively compared to some of its competitors, you can choose from over 270 different styles and material options. You can even have products custom built to fit into your dream concept for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, etc. and the products are usually completed within four to five weeks which is impressive.

Transforming your home can not only make you fall in love with your investment all over again but you can also increase the overall value of your home. Customized cabinetry is something that looks great on a real estate listing if you plan to sell in the next few years or so. If you pick something traditional, this is a style that will last for many more years to come while picking something more modern will help your property stand out and reflect your unique personality.

Competitive pricing has helped Siteline Cabinetry gain popularity in a short amount of time along with their high quality products and customization options. It might seem very overwhelming to be thinking about a home remodeling project, but investing a little bit of time and money right now can really pay off in the long run. If you are not even sure where to begin, you can utilize Siteline Cabinetry’s knowledgeable customer service team and their online resources to get a head start. An authorized Siteline dealer can be paired up with you and your home in order to begin the design process and get your project underway. You are guaranteed minimal down time during this project which is preferred by many. There is nothing worse than having a contractor start out your project, only to have to slow things down in order to wait for all of your product to come in. Visit Siteline Cabinetry’s website today to find out more about their products and services before starting your home remodeling project.

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All You Need To Know About Jeff L. Yastine

     Jeff L. Yastine is Banyans Hill Publishing Editorial Director since 2015. He is commonly referred to as JL. His primary role is to assist investors to gain in-depth knowledge about profits from the market. Yastine contributes in the Total Wealth Insider where he is also the editor. Total wealth insider is a must read by all investors and everyone else who wants to lead a vibrant and prosperous life. It has ranked the most successful newsletters.

He is well versed to give insights on economic, business and financial trends due to his over 20 years experience in the stock market. He has worked at the financial world events like a financial journalist as well as a stock market investor. From 1994 to 2010 Yastine worked at PBS Nightly Business Report as a financial correspondent and Anchor.

He was Chosen in 2007 for an Emmy Award all thanks to the unique report he contributed in the NBR Guide to Buying Bonds. He talked about public infrastructure, underfunded road systems, and bridges. In 2002 he was among the team of journalists who won an award in Financial Journalism. It was a report on nation’s bond market.

Over the time, Yastine has reported various investment stories. Among them being mid-2000s real estate sectors and rise and fall of the late 1990s dot com. Jeff Yastines reporting brought about some positive impacts. For instance, it helped investors discover opportunities in small-cap stocks and massive company turnarounds as well as the agriculture and developments in the biopharmaceutical sector.

Due to his reporting, most of the upcoming and founded investors gained awareness of the real estate crisis in the mid-2000s and the shaky rise of the 2000 dot-com bubble. His significant reports included deepwater oil spill in 2010, financial impacts of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and historic handover of Panama Canal in 1999.

In Yastine’s line of work, he traveled to Cuba in 1994 and 2003 to report on foreign investors roles on Cuba’s economy. Currently, he has reported on rising debt spells in the Bull market. He associates the rise in debt to nonhousing debt as opposed to mortgage debt. Like for instance the high cost of gasoline. Jeff has also reported on the perfect buy for Christmas. In his report, he states his worries on the death of retail which is associated with Amazon deliveries. Most of the readers have reviewed Jeff’s reporting with 5-star ratings.

The Ingenuity of Josh Smith

Are you into eating healthy? Would you like to live a healthier lifestyle? One of the best ways of achieving this by consuming organic foods. Depending on where you actually shop, organic foods may or may not be available. Depending on your budget, organic foods might take a larger bite out of your wallet, no pun intended. There is one guy who is single-handedly giving consumers a better option for consuming organic foods. This guy is also thoroughly specialized in the subject. Josh Smith of Reno, Nevada, is changing the game thanks to his brilliant way of thinking. Now consumers will get the opportunity to grow their own healthy treats from the comfort of their homes and this is how.
Greenhouses have been on the scene for well-over a century, and they provide a unique way of growing food as well as sustaining plant life. Unfortunately, most people can’t afford a separate greenhouse at their residence because of limited space and funding. The all-new modular greenhouse was created by Josh Smith. This guy is a very successful entrepreneur, and he has over 15 years of business experience under his belt. Smith has solved a major problem that’s been plaguing homeowners who want to grow their own organic foods. These modular greenhouses are actual small sized boxes that can be implemented into your home’s blueprint. The Reno, Nevada, native has provided the ultimate solution to this ordeal and the modular houses are easy to construct thanks to their pre-assembled structure.

Smith’s vision is revolutionary in a sense. He does a lot of brainstorming on a regular basis, which helps to increase productivity. His mission is to change the world through organic eating. Healthy meals is the name of the game and Smith is working to implement greenhouses and gardens into the school system. All in all, Josh Smith of Reno, Nevada, is a natural-born philanthropist through and through.

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Here’s Who Elysium Health is, with More About Basis

Elysium Health is an organization dedicated to the research and production of supplements to help humans live healthier lives. The group’s flagstaff product is Basis, a supplement that supports cellular health.

Basis is created from two molecules central to human life, particularly cellular functions on the microscopic level. These two compounds occur naturally in humans and many other life forms: nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene.

Nicotinamide riboside is a coenzyme that is present in virtually all living cells, both plant and animal. It helps transfer electrons throughout a variety of cellular functions – quite literally hundreds of them. Pterostilbene is a sirtuin activator, a substance that helps proteins – also called sirtuins – in the body work like they’re supposed to.

Nicotinamide riboside directly produces nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide in the human body. While supplements that actually contain nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide don’t work well at pumping the substance into the cells of humans, those with nicotinamide riboside – like Basis – work considerably well.

Basis has been proven to work in clinical trials that were funded by Elysium Health. Few other supplements undergo clinical trials because they’re so expensive. However, because the professionals at Elysium Health were so confident in their assumptions, they were willing to spend millions on clinical trials that happened earlier this calendar year.

The clinical trials found that, when the ingredients in Basis were taken once every day for at least four weeks, the mean serum concentration of NAD+ rose an average of 40%. Patients that took twice the amount – that is, the recommended amount, or 500 milligrams of nicotinamide riboside and 100 milligrams of pterostilbene – of the combination of supplements had their average concentrations of NAD+ rise an average of 90%.

People that continued to take the mixture of supplements after the initial four-week period experienced a sustained rise in NAD+, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, for as long as they took the supplement.

Basis’ unique combination of supplements works so well because they must both be present in order to work in conjunction with one another – when they’re both present, their bioavailabilities both rise substantially.

Basis performs innumerable functions for humans that consume the supplement on a regular basis, although its central uses are to support regular health functions, improve cellular health, regulate bodily functions, maintain DNA health, and make sure a regular circadian rhythm established. Basis is also effective at increasing metabolism and creating energy for consumers to benefit from.

Elysium Health was founded by two entrepreneurs and a trained, licensed medical doctor. This doctor, employed by the esteemed Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is Dr. Leonard Guarente. At MIT, Dr. Guarente is the Director of the Glenn Laboratory for the Science of Aging.

A Legacy Worth Remembering: Former UTC CEO Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a French-Canadian businessman who knows how to get the best out of the businesses that he has had. He has worked his way up the hard way and knows exactly what to do when the time is right. One of the businesses that he helped transform in eight short years is a company called United Technology Corporation; Chenevert turned it into a fierce competitor on the world stage.

Louis Chenevert took the reins of United Technology Corporation in 2006. In the eight years that he was President and CEO of the company, he has made the company very valuable. This company is now worth more than one hundred billion dollars. He accomplished this incredible feat by focusing the company to work on two different things. The first was making the highest quality engines the world has seen. He helped create the most advanced jet engine of it’s kind and that is a project he is very proud of. The second thing he focused on was the employees. He committed to his employees by creating and implementing the Employee Scholar Program. The company pays for the employees to further their education in their respective field of choice. As of now, more than forty thousand employees worldwide have taken advantage of this particular program. One particular country that has benefited greatly from this particular program is the United States. In this country, more than one billion dollars has been invested to help employees attain their college degrees.

Louis Chenevert had a distinct determination in making United Technology Corporation the success that it is. He took ideas that were very promising and would not quit on them or his employees until the idea was a roaring success. He inspired people to go above and beyond the call of duty in their fields. This is one of the many reasons that his legacy at United Technology Corporation will continue to live on in the minds of the people working there even though he stepped down from the company. It is a legacy to treasure.

Dick DeVos:A Generous Philanthropist

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has raised more than $10 million more than its original fundraising goal of $125 million for its planned expansion project. Instead of ending the campaign, the Kennedy Center has increased its fundraising goal by $50 million. Over the past two years the design has changed and design and construction costs are now $19.5 million. The cost will be covered through donations. One major donor gave $50 million, one gave $20 million, two donors gave $10 million, 8 donors gave $5 million each and 12 other donors gave $1 million apiece. The center is scheduled to reopen in 2018.


Generous philanthropist Dick DeVos gave a million dollars to the project through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The son of the co-founder of Amway, Richard Marvin “Dick” DeVos Jr. is an entrepreneur, businessman and author. He has donated over $135 million to charitable causes during his life time. The Grand Rapids, Michigan native has focused the majority of charitable giving on artistic, civic, community, educational, free-market economic and religious organizations. In 2010 DeVos gave the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management over $22 million.


Education is an area about which Dick DeVos is very passionate. A qualified helicopter and jet pilot, in 2010 he opened the first aviation public charter high school in the United States. It is called West Michigan Aviation Academy. The public school, which is located on the Gerald R. Ford International Airport grounds, weaves aviation into its basic curriculum and is tuition-free open to all students in the West Michigan community. Through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, he has given generously to a wide range of educational institutions. DeVos started the Education Freedom Fund which has provided over 4,000 underprivileged children in Michigan with scholarships.


Dick DeVos has held leadership positions in several Grand Rapids area organizations involved in regional health care improvements and downtown revitalization. He’s helped raise $130 million for a local heart hospital and $90 million for a medical school. He also helped to raise $212 million for the convention center, $75 million for downtown arena and $30 million the downtown market. At its annual gathering celebrating philanthropy, the Spectrum Health Foundation gave Dick DeVos its Art of Giving Award in recognition of his continued generosity in supporting charitable causes and organizations. That’s just one of the many awards he has received.


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