Match Wants to Bring Whitney Wolfe Down

     Whitney Wolfe is the founder of Bumble. She created the app to be part of a social network and help people make the right decisions no matter what they were looking for in a date or a friend. Women get to choose who they want to talk to and that’s part of what made the app different from other apps people could use. For Whitney Wolfe, the app gives her a chance to show women they can put the power back in their hands when it comes to dating. They don’t need to worry about what men are doing or how they’re trying to get women to just feel uncomfortable. There is very little harassment on Bumble because of how Whitney Wolfe set it up.

While the app is for dating, people can use it for other purposes. Bumble BFF allows women to find friends and connect with them. In a world that’s run by social media and people using their phones, Whitney Wolfe wanted women to have a place to connect with other women. She made this part of the app similar to the dating site, but it highlights the friendship qualities in each woman who tries to use it.

Even though there are things Whitney Wolfe must do to help people understand how the app works, she knows what it takes to give people the chance they need to really feel good about dating. Match wants to take that away from her and all the people who use the app, though. When she wouldn’t let Match buy her out, they started taking drastic measures that prevented people from trying to do things the right way. In fact, Whitney Wolfe is now facing a lawsuit because Match thinks she copied them and they want to bring her down so she’s forced to sell her company.

Since Match is Tinder’s parent company, they see where Whitney Wolfe was trying to steal information from their business. She used to work for Tinder. While she was just in the marketing department, Match things she spent time there looking at what the app was doing. They thought she stole their ideas and was using them as her own. She didn’t do that. In fact, she worked for Tinder but she started Bumble because she didn’t want people to only have Tinder to rely on. She wanted to change the world of app dating and make it easier.

Hussain Sajwani – Taking the Success of Damac Group to the Next Level

The infrastructural development in the United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai, is well-known across the globe. The skyscrapers of Dubai are known to be one of the most elegant pieces of modern architecture, and the boundaries are regularly pushed beyond imagination by the real estate developers of the United Arab Emirates. One of the top real estate developers from Dubai is Hussain Sajwani, who is the chairman of Damac Group, one of the leading real estate firms in the country. Damac Group has not only been developing in the UAE but in many other critical, critical destinations across the globe, including in Beirut, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, South Africa, London, United States, and more.

Hussain Sajwani has been trying to push the boundaries of expansion from the very beginning, and it has helped Damac Group grow at an unbelievable pace in the past few years. He is considered to be one of the wealthiest people in UAE today with the net worth estimated by Forbes to be over $3 Billion and growing. Damac Group has collaborated with many national and international real estate developers to expand its horizon and develop at a rapid pace. One of the collaborations by Damac Group that has been in the news lately is with the US real estate firm Trump Inc, which is owned by Donald Trump, current United States President.

According to, Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump know each other for a very long-time and their respective real estate development firms have collaborated on many other projects as well in the past. The families of Donald Trump and Hussain Sajwani are also familiar with each other and are often seen having a meal together in many social events across the globe. Damac Group has undertaken a golf course development project in Dubai, wherein Donald Trump’s real estate firm is is one of the partners. Trump Inc is known to be one of the best golf course developers worldwide, and it is why Hussain Sajwani has roped them in to develop world-class golf courses at the heart of Dubai. Hussain Sajwani continues to find new ways to help Damac Group among the growing competition in the real estate sphere. To know more about his ventures, visit his website here.

Dr. Saad Saad: The Renowned East Coast Pediatric Surgeon

Saad has performed thousands of difficult pediatric surgeries on children from all ages for four decades now. The doctor has done eight medical operations to Jerusalem where he did free complex surgeries on poor kids. He is known for the invention of new pediatric surgical techniques.



Saad Saad was born in Palestine and raised in Kuwait. He is one out of eight kids where three of them are surgeons, two Ph.D. and two Master Degree in engineering and one of them is a teacher. He went to the University of Cairo, Egypt and earned his degree and was placed second I his class. He later finalized his practicum in England and immigrated to America. Saad then did his internship in surgery and pediatric surgery in the USA Board Certified in Pediatric Surgery. He is currently a surgeon in Eatontown in New Jersey. He is connected with many hospitals in the area including the New Jersey Shore University of Medical Center and Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch Campus.




Inspirations to join medical school



Saad said that he wanted to be an engineer just like his two elder brothers who were at that time at work outdoors in construction. Kuwait was very hot during the summer. So he decided to go for a profession that would allow him to be working in an air-conditioned room. Dr. Saad not only became a doctor but also a surgeon who worked in air-conditioned operation rooms. Mr. Saad is a man with a sense of humor; however, his serious side can be unfolded through his many achievements in the medical field.



During his profession, Dr. Saad served as the Surgeon –in- chief and the Co-medical director at the K Hovnanian Children’s Hospital at Hackensack Meridian Health Care System that was located in the New Jersey.



In the 1980s, Dr. Saad’s profession was broken up when he was given an opportunity to work as a pediatric surgeon in the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. This situation forced him to move with his family to the Middle East. You might be wondering how Dr. Saad got that golden and rare opportunity. Well, the fact that he was the only available pediatric surgeon that was board-certified in the United States and that he was a fluent Arabic and English speaker.



After going to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to learn more about the job, Dr.Saad started the opportunity in 1985. During his time as the pediatric surgeon in the Royal Family, Dr. Saad and his family had a lot of adventure. They met people from all over the globe. Dr. Saad also visited his friends in many countries including Ghana, England, Canada, Hawaii, Sweden, Egypt and in Denmark.



Opportunity to serve both the rich and the poor


Apart from treating the Saudi Arabian Royal Family, Dr. Saad got the chance to treat the royal family from Bahrain, the United Arab Emirate, and the Gulf of Persia. Due to the fact that the Saudi Royal Family opened its hospital doors to the poor who had pediatric medical problems that were complex, Mr. Saad treated both the rich and the poor.



It is here that Dr. Saad got the chance of performing a surgery on the youngest kid to have been ever admitted with an aneurysm.Learn more:


HCR Wealth Advisors—Avoid Financial Risks by Taking Expert Financial Guidance

If you are looking to secure your life financially, starting early is essential. You need to ensure that you start saving early in your life to have considerable savings when you get retire. Many people start their retirement planning way too late than advised, and it leads to financial challenges that they may not be able to cope with independently. Thus, people often have to depend on their sons or daughters or relatives for financial help to move on with life. Many people work even after retirement to just survive, which can be challenging. However, the good thing is that with proper financial planning, you can avoid such a situation. If you are not well-versed investing or financial planning, it could be better to hire financial planning professional such as those at HCR Wealth Advisors.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm based in Los Angeles and was established in the year 1988. The company has years of experience in providing financial advice to individuals as well as organizations. Investors these days may be uncertain about where to invest and how much to invest due to the volatility in the financial markets. The constant fluctuations in the financial markets make it difficult for inexperienced investors to understand where to invest and how much. People without a solid financial background may not be in a position to evaluate which investment options are best suited to meet their financial objectives, and thus, are confused.

However, HCR Wealth Advisors believes that if people diversify their investment portfolio with investment options that provide fixed returns while others that are market-linked, they can balance their portfolio and help to shield it against volatility. Such a portfolio would have a combination of high risk and high return investment options as well as fixed return options. This can help investors realized returns on their investments even in times of financial turbulence.  Fixed income options can help anchor their portfolios during such times. HCR Wealth Advisors offer personalized financial and investment solutions for people to help them reach their financial goals. Get in touch with them by going to their facebook account @HCRwealth.

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Michael Lacey-Shifting the Mathematics World

Michael Lacey was born on 26th September 1959 and is renowned for his contribution to the mathematics world  making him the most celebrated mathematician. He attended Illinois University in 1987 and attained his Ph.D. in mathematics. At the university, he got involved in various projects including the study of probability. He also got involved with Walter Philip, his mentor, and supervisor. They both came up with a unique formula that works out on mathematical problems troubling students during the probability thesis presentation.


The formula dealt with Law of the Iterated Logarithm while the thesis revolved around matters concerning the characteristic empirical functions. Lacey had immense interest in probability which saw him concentrate on understanding the subject better and other divisions of mathematics. After graduating, he started working at Chapel Hill North Carolina University and later at Louisiana State University where he served as a mathematical lecturer. During his teaching years, Chapel Hill Michael Lacey conducted numerous researchers that saw him give proof to the Theorem of Central Limit. He later went to Indiana University from 1989 to 1996 and studied on Bilinear Hilbert Transform. Michael joined the institution through the sponsorship of National Science Foundation, where he received the postdoctoral fellowship. With his dedication and achievement in mathematics world, Michael has managed to solve various problems like the Hilbert Transform that was introduced by Alberto Calderon earning him the Salem Prize.


Currently, Michael Lacey is a mathematics professor at Georgia Institute of Technology a position he has held since 1996 making the institute grow in several strides. At the institute, Lacey receiving Guggenheim Fellowship after joined hands and working with Xiaochun Li. In 2012, Michael Lacey received a fellowship that allowed him to become part of the American Mathematical Society. A society that brings together mathematical experts with a common interest in supporting research and offering education grants to upcoming mathematicians.


Michael has worked with different people globally who testifies to his ability to solve various mathematical problems and his excellent knowledge on the subject. He also contributes positively to international and national communities on mathematics matters through the American Mathematical Society channels, meetings, and publications.

The Business Expertise And Track Record Of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of a property development company called Damac Properties. Long before he was the Damac owner he embarked on his career as a manager of GASCO’s contracts division which is one of the subsidiaries of the Abu Dhabi National Oil company. In 1982 he started a catering company as a separate venture.


Hussain Sajwani received his education at the University of Washington and became a pioneer in Dubai in the expansion of the property markets. During the middle of the 1990’s he decided to build a few hotels because he believed the growing influx of individuals now being allowed to trade and do business in the emirate would require accommodations. Hussain Sajwani realized what was happening in the market in 2002 and founded Damac properties to take advantage of the existing opportunities. The company has grown and expanded and is now one of the Middle East’s largest companies specializing in property development.


The Hussain Sajwani family is well known for property development and Hussain Sajwani has built a reputation due to his expert handling of Damac Properties. He has gained valuable experience in development, marketing, legal, finance, sales and administration. He has driven Damac Properties on a course with success and is currently involved with various projects in some of the globe’s key cities. This includes Dubai, Riyadh, Amman, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Doha, Jeddah and London.


Damac Properties employs almost 2000 individuals, trades shares on the Dubai Financial Market and is a publicly listed business. The company’s track record is impeccable and focuses on developing luxury properties. Hussain Sajwani is responsible for more than 16,800 homes and 44,000 units. His development portfolio is at different stages in planning and progress.


Hussain Sajwani is both an investor and a highly successful businessman. His track record includes success in the capital markets and global equity. His investment portfolio currently included securities from different global and regional markets. Hussain Sajwani’s flagship company for investments is the DICO Investments Company LLC. The company specializes in acquisitions, mergers, private mergers and has the minority and majority holdings in publically traded companies.

The Rise to the Top of Hussain Sajwani of DAMAC Properties

The first thought that comes to people’s mind when they hear of a successful investor is that they came from a well-to-do family and acquired the resources from the parents to begin their business. Well, this is not the story of every business person. The owner of DAMAC Properties came from a very humble background.


The father of Hussain Sajwani owned a shop, where he sold pens and watches. Although he showed an interest in real estate, his focus was mainly in his shop. Sajwani’s father ensured that he sufficiently provided for his family even though it meant being away from them most of the time. Hussain was always around his father’s shop from the age of three. He learned the struggles of having a business succeed. He saw his father put in long hours and stay committed to his work throughout to see that it was fruitful. Sajwani says that this served as the foundation of his career.


Hussain went to a medical college in Bagdad on a government’s scholarship but later dropped off. When the Dubai government allowed the foreigners to own property, Hussain sold his property at a profit because he realized the market was very big. This property was not developed yet.


The population was rising in the 1990’s as a result of the investors who came to conduct business in Emirates. Hussain built hotels to accommodate the investors, and this gave him the capital to start his business. In 2002, he launched DAMAC Properties which is listed among the leading property providers in Dubai and the Middle East.


The DAMAC Owner is a very close acquaintance of Donald Trump. There are currently working towards making the Trump International Golf investment which was launched in Feb 2017 a success. Hussain says that despite Trump assuming office, their partnership will not be affected because Trump’s children are very involved in the business.


Hussain Sajwani is a cheerful giver and shares with the less fortunate in his society. He recently donated AED two million to help needy children. In the occasion, he encouraged other individuals in the society to do the same because the children hold the future of the society.

This is the Reason AvaTrade Out Performs the Competition

Everywhere in this report, we’ll be studying the properties of AvaFX which has allowed us to see this broker in a positive light.


First, let’s set the record straight by stating that AvaTrade review is not a fraud or a scamming website at all. The evidence of the matter is that this financier is overseen and managed by the central governing parties of the European Union such as the Central Bank of Ireland.


Additionally, as we’ll be outlining, their ranges are greatly ambitious, and they don’t require any payments for trading. Even so, dealers have an extremely positive impression of this agent, because of the evidence that they don’t require any fee conserves clients a lot of capital.


Furthermore, one of their most valued characteristics is their large leverage provided by them, this can top 1:400 (larger than others such as Plus500). You ought to be informed that working with leverage entails high risk, however in our view, for dealers with expertise that understand the dangers they are practicing, this gives them a large opening.


AvaTrade is an example of the rare brokers that own a real office position that can be seen in Ireland. It’s clear that buying online simply necessitates creating an account and utilizing a trading program, however, it can’t be disputed that while picking a merchant, most consumers are scared of being taken advantage of when picking an online broker that has no evidence to verify it. AvaTradee does not show this problem because of its physical locations in Ireland, further, it’s plausible to individually introduce oneself to the personages who maintain and manage the broker service in Dublin.


We can allege that in terms of customer service, AvaTrade is simply one of the top brokers possible in the English language because of the offers they provide.


Ever since As of 2018, the agencies of AvaTrade in Ireland are found in Dublin, but it is feasible that the coming years they’ll be starting fresh facilities. Further, while visiting the Irish offices, developmental programs are given, also, there is enough available education matter free online.

For more information on AvaTrade reviews, visit:

Gregory Aziz Spends Time Learning About Each Business

1Even though Gregory James Aziz started out in the banking industry, he knew he could get so much more. He also knew he could do better than the banking industry because of how hard he worked on different things. Gregory J Aziz always made it a point to help people understand what they could do and understand how things would get better for him. It was his goal to give back to the community and help it flourish under the direction people had with it. The idea of banking in the industry also helped Gregory Aziz make more sense of everything his clients were asking for.


While Gregory J Aziz focused on clients, he also learned how to help them with the issues they faced. No matter how hard they worked on their own, they couldn’t get the same options Gregory J Aziz had to offer them. He spent time trying to figure out the best ways to do things, so everyone could see all the positive options they had in front of them. It was his way of allowing people the chance to see what they could do and make more sense of all the things that were going on.


By the time Greg Aziz learned about the things in the banking industry, he already mastered them. He felt confident in his skills and people saw him as an excellent businessman. He knew all the best techniques and wasn’t afraid to use them, so he could get better. For Greg Aziz, the point of helping everyone was so he could give back and give more options to those who were in the business. There were times when Greg Aziz made sense of all the opportunities he had available to the people he worked with.


Because of this, Greg Aziz knew he had to do something to help himself. He purchased National Steel Car from its former owner DOFASCO, as a way to get ahead. He felt it was important to do everything he could to make the industry better. As he learned more about National Steel Car, he realized he made the right choice. It gave him a chance to try different things and make sense of all the business opportunities he had in front of him. Everything Gregory Aziz did was for National Steel Car. He saw the company as successful and felt it was his responsibility to keep it as successful as he could.


Visit This Page for related information.

The Oxford Club Makes You Rich

The Oxford Club is the club to be in if you want to make wealth that surpasses all understanding. They began business in Baltimore, Maryland. Since then, they’ve expanded their offices to be located worldwide and present in over 130 countries. They have a membership of over 150,000 members who are all trustworthy and knowledgeable. This network of investors and entrepreneurs work with one another to grow wealth and protect it.

This strategy is rather simple. It begins by networking with knowledgeable people. They are fully convinced that by sharing unique opportunities with one another that wealth can be grown in ways that beforehand was unimaginable. These personal connections allow you to hear of investments firsthand when they are still low risk and high profit. By the time they hit the mainstream news channels, is often too late to capitalize on the investment opportunity.

They communicate these opportunities to their members in various ways. The most common way is through their monthly newsletters. Having three in all, the Oxford Club can focus on real estate, stock market, and business capital.

They also communicate with their members through quarterly education sessions. They will host multiple education sessions at the exact same time. These range from symposiums where you can hear from chief executive officers, workshops where you can grow your own skills in investing, and financial seminars stay you can network appropriately.

The last way that they communicate with members is through their online presence. To be clear, not all members get access to the website. However, those who do have a significant advantage when it comes to investing. These members are given immediate access to recommendations and strategies. They are also instantly notified on whatever global event is going on the may disrupt their investments. This is included with the buy sell alert that will trigger at a moment’s notice.

The Oxford Club grants exclusive access to advisers and some clubhouses. To be a part of this club is to secure a fortune for you, your children, and of the various multiple generations that will follow after you.