Louis Chenevert, the Highly Prolific Canadian Businessman

Mr. Louis Chenevert is a well-known businessman in Canada. He worked as the Chief executive officer and the Chairperson of United Technologies Corporation. He was also the President of Pratt & Whitney Canada. Chenevert is a highly prolific businessman who has excellent managerial skills, and that is why he is essential personnel in business sector especially in Canada.

Louis Chenevert was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec and attended the University of Montreal. He joined an affiliated school of the University called HEC Montreal and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and production management in 1979. Chenevert is also a holder of doctorate honors cause from the same institution, and he received his honors in the year 2011. Later in 2014, he earned another doctorate honors from Concordia University.

Louis Chenevert has worked for many companies assuming the top managerial positions, and he has delivered indeed in all the companies he has served. He was the general production manager at General Motors where he worked for 14 years. After that, Louis joined Pratt &Whitney Canada in the year 1993. He was announced the vice president of the company and later in 1999 he became the President. Louis left the company in 2006 and moved to United Technologies corporations where he became the Chief operating officer, director, and President. Later in 2008, Chenevert was named the CEO of the company, and in 2010 he became the chairman of the company’s board of directors.

In 2011, Louis Chenevert moved to Cargill Inc. as a board member, and before this, he was the vice chairman The Business Council between 2011 and 2012. Chenevert received the USO (United Service Organization) distinguished service award in 2013. He stepped down from United Technologies Corp as the CEO on 8th of December 2014.

In 2015, Chenevert became the co-chairman of the Congressional Medal of Honour Foundation, and he doubled as an independent advisor of Merchant Banking Division. Louis Chenevert is the director and a co-founder of the United States Friend of HEC Montreal Foundation.He is also the chairman of the Board at Montreal International Advisory Board


Richard Liu Qiangdong And His Journey In Becoming The Retail King Of China


Richard Liu Qiangdong, a member of a member of the BOF 500, as well as the founder and CEO of China’s largest e-commerce company, carried out innovation and worked hard to be able to make his plans succeed. His online selling platform, JD.com, is serving millions of people in China and the whole world. But his journey to become the Retail King of the Chinese retail market was not easy.

During his early life in the Jiangsu province, Qiangdong learned the value of hard work from his coal-shipping parents. His academic endeavors are also supported by his parents because they believe in how important it is to have a proper education in this age. Richard Liu enrolled in The Peoples’ University of China in the Sociology program. During his time as a student, he learned how to program and taught himself important computer science knowledge.

The knowledge Liu Qiangdong acquired during about computers was put into good news during his stay at Japan Life, which is a natural supplement provider. He worked as the company’s Director of Computers. However, born as a natural entrepreneur, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to leave the company in order to start his business of selling magneto-optical products. He called the store as Jingdong. See Related Link for more information.

Jingdong has been a successful franchise because of its reputation of selling authentic-only products while its competitors are selling imitations. Richard Liu’s mortar-and-bring Jingdong had twelve retail locations. However, when the SARS outbreak happened in 2003, he and the other small businesses cannot risk the health and life of the employees. That’s why he decided to disband the twelve retail locations and focus on selling online. With his knowledge in programming, he created an online site called the 360Buy Jingdong two years after disbanding his mortar-and-brick business.

Richard Liu Qiangdong’s online platform caught the attention of new businesses. They also want to sell on the platform because the venture would be profitable for them. Seeing this as an opportunity, Richard Liu formed a long-term partnership with these businesses and renamed his site as JD.com, and the rest is history. Now. JD.com is known for its speedy delivery, high-quality product, and resistance to counterfeit goods, which makes them the most trusted online shop in China. With Richard Liu’s leadership, the company has been one of the biggest firms in the world.


More about Liu Qiangdong on https://www.crunchbase.com/person/qiangdong-liu





Clay Hutson and his music business

Clay Hutson is an audio engineer who has dedicated himself to helping event organizers and musicians better their craft. Before this, he was employed at a company that dealt with live music, and this is where he rose to become a manager. Having worked here for some time, Hutson decided to venture on his own. He started a company that designs, manages and produces concerts.

Clay Hutson is, no doubt, a rare gem when it comes to matters live music. He is constantly trying out new ways to improve the music industry. In his bid to seek perfection, Hutson dedicates most of his day interacting with various stakeholders in the music industry.

As much as he had dabbled in the corporate entertainment field, he was finally convinced that the altar of rock and roll was where he belonged. This has seen him work with some of the biggest names in the industry like Kid Rock, Pink, Guns N’ Roses and Garbage.

In a recent interview, Hutson intimated that he has recently been focusing on stage management. This involves running the floor on parties and concerts from start to finish. He is currently working with Kid Rock, and this means his day has to start at 6:30 am. He start by laying out the storage plan and planning the day’s schedule in terms of what the crew will be involved in. He takes his time to ensure that everything goes on as planned during the show.

Hutson believes that most of his works end up being successful due to his creativity. He envisions his aides and goes ahead to execute them. Since he already has a solid understanding of what is involved in the whole process, it becomes much easier to make it work. He also credits CAD design for the success of most of his designs, and this is complemented by his practical nature.

Clay Hutson is excited by the fact that technological advancements in the music industry constantly help him perform his tasks much easily. He, therefore, tries as much as possible to keep up with the regular updates that happen in order to stay ahead of the pack.


Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie Makes The Best Out Of His Team


Steve Ritchie is the CEO of Papa John’s International. He has experience of more than 22 years working in the same company from the year 1996. He has extensive experience since he has played many roles in the company. He was a customer service representative in the year 1996 when he started. He was the company’s franchise owner in 2006. In 2014, he became the chief operating officer. Among other roles he played were being the delivery driver, area supervisor, GM, VP, and director of operations. Apart from Papa John’s he also worked at Calistoga Bakery Café from 2008 – 2011.


Steve Richie Papa Johns attended Seneca high school. Before joining Papa John’s, he bought a pizzeria at his home in Louisville. In his small business, he learned the virtue of hard work and dedication because he worked 14 hours daily for the seven days of the week. He also built himself more insight into how the pizza business is operated. In 2013, he was listed among the Forty under Forty by Louisville Business First.


According to Steve Ritchie, Papa John’s is rich in diversity, inclusion, and equality. His new leadership role as challenging as it is, he is using all his experiences and skills to ensure that the company and the employees are performing well. He believes that Papa John’s embraces and advocates for fairness, respect and opportunity at all times. The company under his leadership is ensuring that the employees are trained well on diversity so as to discourage situations like racial bias from coming their way.


Steve Ritchie is working very hard to ensure that the company continues prospering in its business initiatives. He is a very determined and visionary leader who has gone beyond loyalty to ensure that the company is gaining more and more success. Read This Article for additional information.


Steve Ritchie Papa John’s is a very visionary figure who wants to own more than 100 franchise company units and also be on the board of Fortune 500 companies in the year 2025. Steve Richie s recently focusing on making the best team with his new colleagues. He hopes to make Papa John’s one of the best producers of top-quality pizza in the world.


More about Steve Richie PapaJohns: https://people.equilar.com/bio/steve-ritchie-papa-john-s/salary/711829

Aaron Lupuloff Brings His Business Skills To Educational Fundraising


In Gwinnett County, Georgia the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation serves the community by helping fund and organize education throughout the county. As a nonprofit organization, the GCPS Foundation raises capital and invests it to provide additional funding for local projects and charities that enhance the educational system in Gwinnett County.

A member of the GCPS Foundation’s board, Aaron Lupuloff of Norcross, was appointed to a new position in 2015 to specifically focus on raising capital and provide an endowment for the foundation. Lupuloff came to the position with an extensive background in both finance and fundraising. He has worked in the financial industry since 1982, serving as a managing director for Bears Sterns/JP Morgan as well as with Raymond James and Fifth Third Street Bank Securities.

He was also the founder of the Norcross High School Foundation, which he also served in the roles of president, vice president and treasurer. His appointment as senior executive director at the GCPS Foundation is, according to GCPS Foundation’s president David Seago, “Fortunate.” Seago stresses how happy the GCPS Foundation was to find someone with Aaron Lupuloff’s qualifications that was willing and able to dedicate themselves to the position on a full-time basis.

The GCPS Foundation was founded in 2006 to help the Gwinnett County area maintain and improve education standards and resources in an effort to create better a better community. See Related Link for additional information.

Aaron Lupuloff and his wife Jan are strong supporters of charity. in addition to their work with schools they give to youth camps, domestic violence victims and juvenile diabetes. Their children attended public school in Gwinnett County and graduated from Norcross High School. Aaron and Jan were both inducted into the Norcross High School Foundation’s Hall of Fame in 2011 for their work with the school.

Aaron Lupuloff also helped found not only the NHS Foundation but the GCPS Foundation also. Before becoming executive director he was a founding member of the board. Aaron Lupuloff was also a founding board member of the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board. He has a degree in business administration from the University of Alabama.


Visit her page on https://www.instagram.com/alupuloff/


Technology Expert Robert Deignan Advise on Preparing for the Automation Era

Robert Deignan is one of the co-founders of Advanced Tech Support Digital Services. Currently, Robert serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. ATS Digital Services is a tech-based company that helps clients with technology-related issues such as slow computers and faulty networks. Under the leadership of Robert Deignan, the company was certified by AppEsteem Corporation to offer premium support services.

Robert graduated from Purdue University in 1995 with a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership. Before co-founding ICE, Mr. Deignan served as the Executive Vice President of iS3, Inc. iS3, Inc. is a company that provides anti-spyware software. Robert Deignan was also the co-founder of Fanlink, Inc.

Robert Deignan has specialized in the e-commerce section of the technology sector. His professional accomplishments are proof that Robert is a leader in the tech industry. In addition, Robert’s skills in e-commerce, startups, and SEO make him a great leader in the IT help service sector. One of his latest achievements was guiding ATS Digital Services until the AppEsteem Corporation certified it. ATS Digital Services managed to be the first call center to be approved by AppEsteem Corporation.

Besides, starting new companies, Robert Deignan is a tech advisor. In one of his recent posts, he advised people on how to remain relevant even with the rise of automation. According to Robert, some employees will remain indispensable, despite the fast rise of automation. One of the ways to ensure you remain productive is to embrace technology rather than fighting against it. 

Robert reassured people that their jobs are still safe as machines cannot perform tasks that involve a lot of data processing is quite difficult to implement. Some of the jobs that are more secure include those that require intuitive decision making, extensive training, and flexibility to different environments. Jobs that demand strong interpersonal skills such as teaching, counselling and social work demand significant improvement in technology to automate them.

Even with automation, most people will always choose human interactions over machines in certain circumstances. Robert Deignan advised people to consider jobs that are considered safe from automation. Learning the skills required for those jobs will be adequate preparation for a future that will rely on automation so much.


The Success Story of Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is a renowned live music producer, sound engineer, and stage manager who is based in Nashville Tennessee. Clay developed a passion for music while he was still a young boy. To achieve his goals and ambitions in life Clay knew that he had to take a course in the music entertainment industry. Clay then attended Central Michigan University where he graduated with a Bachelors Degree in theatre design. Cay also is an entrepreneur at heart and knew that one day he would establish his entertainment firm. To gain the knowledge required for managing his business Clay went back to school and pursued a masters of business administration degree from Stephen M. Ross School of Business.

Clay Hutson before establishing his live music entertainment company had previously served in various positions in several live entertainment companies. Some of the roles that Clay served in include being a sound engineer and a project manager. Clay in his career life has worked with big corporate companies and has also traveled far and wide providing entertainment services to renowned evangelist Billy Graham. However, Clay desire was to work in the music entertainment industry primarily in the rock n roll music genre. Clay owing to his exposure, skills, and knowledge of sound engineering and live performance management started his entertainment firm after a company he previously worked for was adversely affected by the economic recession.

Clay Hutson within a short time became one of the most sought after live music entertainment producer and organizer. Clay business grew in leap and bounds because of his excellent reputation reliability and hard work. Clay since the formation of his company has traveled for business in many countries. Clay notable achievements include organizing the 2005 world tour in Europe, Australia and North America called Bleed Like Me for the Garbage Band. Clay in the trip served as the monitor engineer. Clay also participated in the OneRepublic Honda Civic Tour in North America including Asia where he operated the rigging system.

Clay Hutson has helped design, manage and produce live music concerts for famous musicians such a Pink, Kid Rock, and Gun and Roses among other artists.


More than just a pansy, Doe Deere

Poppy Angeloff is Doe Deere’s newest endeavor. Poppy Angeloff is a line of Victorian inspired jewelry for the modern woman. Ms. Deere is a well known entrepreneur thanks to her makeup line Lime Crime.

Doe Deere was inspired by some family heirloom jewelry. She has done her research on heirloom jewelry and how it was made. In her research she found that she favors the Victorian period. She has taken her love of heirloom jewelry and at her sister’s urging, created a line of beautiful pieces for the modern woman who loves that heirloom look and feel. The pansy was the first ring produced and sold. Beautiful, delicate, but strong enough to last.

Doe Deere is slowly adding rings to the line. She has made it so one can choose from rose gold, gold and white silver to suit one’s tastes. She also has created several settings including a new snow pansy.

Doe Deere immigrated here from Russia with her mother and sister. She is not stranger to hard work. Being an entrepreneur seems to suit Ms. Deere. From creating her own line of clothing that she sold on eBay, she has shown resourcefulness. She is called the “Unicorn Queen” for her love of color. Especially when it comes to makeup. Lime Crime Cosmetics took off because she carried colors that you did not typically find in other cosmetic lines. Bold lipsticks and shocking eye shadows that she wore effortlessly brought people to her online only company. Being vegan and cruelty free just made people buy more.

Doe Deere lives happily in California with her husband and daughter. She has a beautiful Victorian dollhouse inspired home. Ms. Deere shares her home and colorful things online in a blog and also on Instagram. She is definitely worth following for the inspiration she puts out and the encouragement to be yourself.


Unsubscribing unwanted mails

Jojo Hedaya together with Josh Rosenwald is the Executive CEO and the co-founder of Unroll.me. When in Boston College, he was the vice chairperson of his class and while his educational period in Israel, he met Rosenwald. Their teacher recommended them to hang out with each other in their sparing time as they were the only guys keeping BlackBerry’s there. Their bond deepened when they realized that their birth-date and birth-year were exactly the same.

In our modern world, everyone is fed up of spam messages and wants to get rid of them as soon as possible; still, we hate scrolling down to the bottom of e-mails and find the little option of “unsubscribe me”. Alongside his friend Josh, Jojo Hedaya has explored a way for managing all your subscriptions right from your email inbox by launching Unroll.me. We can now get rid of all spam messages and emails and can unsubscribe all at once with just a click. We receive an e-mail every day (can be delivered at any time in a day) by Unroll.me which scans all of our subscription e-mails in the inbox.

“Rakuten”, Japanese electronic commerce and 14th largest internet company behind Netflix, Amazon, and JD developed an app named as ‘Slice’ which is similar in style to Unroll.me and keeps track of all your packages all in a single place. Mr. Josh and Mr. Jojo have recently been hired by this app, “Slice”. From Palo Alto, Slice till the present has succeeded to make $4 million worth of packages through 175 million overall units. The New York is the city where Unroll.me took place initially and from where these two friends originally belong.

But the most motivating part and fact of this story is that Unroll.me was developed and founded unconditionally and without any outside capital; the two college youngsters bootstrapped it, who were never interested in working for anyone else and gave serious attention to their project , knowing that very few people (about 5% of the odds) were in their favor not knowing that these odds will rise with the passage of time.


Kisling Nestico & Redick Go Swimming For A Food Bank


Winter has never been a great time for swimming, but that isn’t stopping Kisling Nestico & Redick from taking the plunge for charity. For the upcoming Annual Portage Lakes Polar Bear Jump, staff from the company will be diving into the lake in aid of a local food bank; namely the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank. According to reports, Kisling Nestico & Redick is looking to raise $25,000 for the charity with the event.

While there are many other teams taking part in the event, this isn’t the first time that Kisling Nestico & Redick has taken part in the Annual Portage Lakes Polar Bear Jump; in fact, they’ve been a part of the charitable event for the past several years. Rob Nestico, a managing partner at the company, has said that over the past few years the event has been a positive experience and staff look forward to it every year. Speaking about it, he noted that the event is a special way to come together with others in the community while helping those who are most at need. This isn’t the only philanthropic effort that Kisling Nestico & Redick is known for; in fact, it’s only one part of their year-long “KNR Cares About Kids Campaign”.

Through this, Kisling Nestico & Redick aims to help underprivileged children across Ohio to reach their full potential while easing the many effects of poverty in the area. Because of that, the company has been well known for trying to improve children’s’ quality of life across the entire state. Dan Flowers, president, and CEO of the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank has said that poverty is something that affects too many children in Ohio. According to Mr. Flowers, over 20% of children in the area that the charity serves are what he calls food insecure.

This is when many children don’t know if there’s going to be food on the table that day, or if they’ll be going to a food bank. According to Mr. Flowers, the $25,000 that Kisling Nestico & Redick will go on to provide roughly 100,000 meals to people who need them the most. The Annual Portage Lakes Polar Bear Jump has been going for over a decade and a half and has grown to almost 1,000 participants every year. Go Here for related Information.


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