Anthony Constantinou: Creating A Robot That Can Predict Game Results


The Queen Mary University of London has a dedicated department researching the possible applications of AI technology in the society. The Bayesian AI department, as it is called, is headed by Anthony Constantinou. Recently, he created a model called the Dolores, and he developed it to predict the outcomes of football matches. He entered a competition called the International Machine Learning for Soccer Competition, and his entry involved his work. The participants who joined the competition were provided with numerous results coming from 52 different leagues worldwide. There are missing data as well, the competition’s goal is to see which AI would be able to predict the match outcomes for football leagues that were played in 2017.


The creation of Anthony Constantinou landed in the 2nd place, and the judges were impressed with the abilities that it showcased. Dolores, as an AI, developed the ability to predict the outcome of numerous football matches by observing previous games. The hybrid Bayesian Artificial Intelligence also had a role in providing Dolores with the ability to predict the results accurately.


The Queen Mary University of London felt proud learning that one of their faculties managed to develop a complex AI that can predict game outcomes. For Anthony Constantinou, the work surrounding Dolores is not yet finished. He stated that the AI should undergo several developments before he can finally say that Dolores is ready to face the world. See This Page for additional information about Anthony Constantinou.


Anthony Constantinou’s fascination with machines and AIs began when he was a child, and now that he can create the robots that he wanted, Anthony Constantinou begins to turn his science fiction dreams into reality. He believes that in the future, the world would rely heavily on AIs, and he wanted to show his contribution for the future generations by creating a very smart AI system that could help thousands.




Dherbs Online Store

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Robert Ivy and Professional Societies

Professional societies provide crucial after-training education for the workers that participate in them. Most of the time, a worker’s schooling and on the job training are enough to get them started. However, it’s often the case that they soon realize that they didn’t know quite enough to truly excel at their job. That’s why professional societies are helpful.

Professional societies are not to be confused with trade associations. Unlike the latter, professional societies provide services to individual members. Where as trade associations recruit entire companies and have a less personal relationship with workers.

The services offered by these societies are varied and incredibly helpful. One can find educational programs to aid in learning about their career field, networking with people in relevant fields is easier, they provide opportunities for members to earn credibility by earning industry awards, and they often sway companies and government bodies to make changes that benefit their members.

Of course, none of this comes freely. Professional societies come with an annual fee and that should be considered before joining one. These fees can be reasonably low priced and less than one hundred dollars a year, or they can reach upwards of one thousand dollars. So, it’s definitely advisable for one to consider their financial means while choosing a society.


One example of a professional society is the American Institute of Architects. The institute is ran by Robert Ivy and is meant to be a group for architects to receive the services mentioned in the above paragraphs. The institute’s CEO, Robert Ivy, has a Master’s in architecture and a Bachelor’s in English. Robert Ivy has had a long career centered around architecture.

Before becoming the CEO of The American Institute of Architecture, Robert Ivy worked as an authoritative figure in non-fiction literature that was meant for architects. He has won several awards for journalism with his publications in architecture magazines and has a biography published about Fay Jones. An apprentice architect.

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Gregory Aziz: The Value Of A Quality Product


There is a lot of negativity often associated with big businesses. They are thought to be completely heartless entities that are only interested in increasing their net worth and global power. This is never completely true of any business, but some businesses exude their desire to help the community more than others. National Steel Car, in contrast, has put a lot of effort into cultivating a giving spirit and an atmosphere of caring. National Steel Car is a place where every worker knows that the products they produce are top-notch and their customers will be happy with the materials they receive. Since the rolling stock business is already very competitive it is good to know that this company has taken the extra steps to ensure that there is excellent value in their products.

The company has CEO and owner Greg Aziz to thank for the extra mile of caring that they are known for. Since he took over the company in the 1990’s there has been a completely different atmosphere around the place. National Steel Car has a long proud heritage. The company started in 1912 when people of the community expressed a need for rolling stock. The company began to expand their customer base to other communities and eventually started servicing almost all of North America. When the 90’s came around, National Steel Car did not stand quite as proudly as it did in its early days. The time for innovation had been long gone. Not one was interested in their products the same.

Gregory Aziz wanted to relight their fire. He implemented better engineering and helped create new products that shipping companies needed for their goods. On top of that, he created something with amazing quality. The products coming out of their business were superb. They even began earning the company awards all over Canada. In fact, the TTX SECO award is typically reserved for businesses that produce products of only the highest quality. That quality award is also held for businesses that give their customers this quality as a good value. Greg Aziz pushed the company, but he was able to help them realize their passion all over again. He lit a fire in the company the only way that a true leader is able to do. National Steel Car is now one of the global powers in manufacturing thanks to his efforts. They will continue to astound and mesmerize the public for many years to come.

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Vinod Gupta: A Telemarketing Pioneer And Philanthropist


How did the internet become the place where companies have been able to find information on prospective customers and use that to tailor their marketing specifically to them? Vinod Gupta, an Indian-American entrepreneur laid the ground work for it by turning yellow page phone books into searchable databases. The company he ran for many years that had this information was InfoUSA which made several key marketing group acquisitions along the way to becoming a multi-million dollar company that had extensive business contact information spanning across multiple industries. But it was how Gupta started this company that was quite remarkable.


Vinod Gupta had come from poverty in India to being able to attend grad school in the US at the University of Nebraska. It was after this while working at Commodore Corporation that he got the idea of monetizing contact information in business lists because he had been asked to gather that information to build sales leads. He couldn’t find it in the existing company lists, so he bought yellow page phone books from every state to do it. Gupta was nearly fired because the yellow page books took up so much space, but after moving the operation to his home he was able to build a big list. See This Page for related information.


Gupta later had the opportunity to take the list and sell it to Commodore’s competitors, and with $100 that he invested in mailers he soon was selling his yellow page list to multiple customers. From there he soon was generating enough income to run his own information sales business and he began by naming it American Business Lists. But as it became more tech-based and grew, he had it changed several times until finally it was named InfoUSA. Gupta would sell the company in 2010.


Vinod Gupta has wanted others in third world countries to have the same opportunities he did to become a millionaire, so he’s started charity programs to provide education and housing in those countries. Even his own native village north of Delhi, India was able to have new schools and basic service infrastructure built thanks to Vinod Gupta’s contributions. Gupta also worked with the Clinton Global Initiative and the former president’s foundation, and he even was a top pick for Ambassador to Fiji though he declined that appointment.


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Robert Ivy Given Prestigious Award

Robert Ivy has established his name in the American construction industry. The businessman has a prestigious position in one of the leading professional bodies in the country. American Institute of Architects has been in the country for a long time, and it focuses on offering architects the best support as they go about with their profession. The professional institution was started by American architects who wanted to better the lives of the individuals in the industry. The body aims at according the professionals the respect they need to carry out their work. The institution has been making the right decisions from the word go, and this is why it has become so popular. The institution established great leadership when it was in its initial stages, and this has ensured that everything is carried out in the most professional way. Find out more about Robert on Tulane School of Architecture.

Robert Ivy popularity rose when he was nominated for the important post of vice president and chief executive officer in the leading organization. The businessman was accorded the position because the founders of the professional institution knew that he had the academic qualifications and skills to handle the organization and bring the kind of success they were looking for. Several years after the appointment, the company has nothing but success. The institution has reached so high milestones regardless of the challenges that have been facing the construction market. These achievements could not have been possible. Robert Ivy knows how to handle his leadership roles well, and this has ensured that he achieves the utmost success in his profession.

This year, Robert Ivy was given one of the rare recognition in the market. According to the company website, Ivy has been offered the well-known Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award that is issued by one of the leading organizations in the region. Robert and the entire AIA community are very excited about the achievement. These individuals say that the recognition is only given to few people in the world, and it came to them as a shock. Robert Ivy has never been scared of handling and taking on the challenges that come to him because of his prestigious position in AIA. His hard work is what has been playing a leading role in the award offered to him.



Greg Aziz And The History Of The National Steel Car


The city of Hamilton in Canada is the home to the National Steel Car, the biggest manufacturer of railroad freight cars, also known as rolling stock. The company has a long history that goes back to 1912 when some entrepreneur such as Sir Morison came together to create a factory that would benefit from the boom in the rail sector at the time. They had no vision this company would live on for over one century. What seemed like a short-term investment in a booming industry has turned out to one of the great companies in the world. The company was then known as Imperial Steel Car Inc.

National Steel Car has been around for over one hundred years, but it is still known for its operations in the rail sector, despite the company being one of the oldest in the world, it is now doing very well. It has the best quality rolling stocks that have demand even beyond North America. They are being exported to various parts of the world such as China. It is rare to see a company that is as old as this one which is still dominating in their respective industries. The rail industry still recognizes this firm as the best producer of rolling stock in the whole world.

The growth of the National Steel Car has been affected by a number of factors but at no point did it fail to be in business. Both the world wars did not affect it, and in fact, they were a source of business for the company as its products were in high demand at such times. The economic recessions that have taken place in the past one century have also not affected it. It is still doing very well. The company was founded on a strong foundation of service to the people, and that is the reason we have not seen it go down as it normally happens with other bossiness when they face challenges. Find Related Information Here.

The National Steel Car has also excelled due to the leadership of Gregory J Aziz, the current CEO. When it looked like it was going to collapse, he came rescued and transformed it. He renovated the system, and now it seems like any other business that was recently introduced. Gregory J Aziz’s brilliant management skills have supported the growth of the company. In just five years of his leadership, the company had moved to a higher level than many people would have thought.


Barbara Stokes: Investing In The Future Of Her Community

As one of the best-known charity organizations in the United States, Habitat for Humanity has provided numerous homes for disadvantaged families, changing lives for the better. However, just like any charity organization, it relies on donations and the support of local communities to continue its mission. Thus, it was met with great delight recently when Barbara Stokes, CEO of Green Structure Homes, donated $50,000 of high-quality building materials to the Madison County Habitat for Humanity chapter. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

While the types of building materials ran the gamut, most consisted of drywall and Hardie Fascia board, which are used extensively in most homes. Since GSH is known throughout Alabama and other areas of the United States as a leading manufacturer of materials used in energy-efficient modular homes, the donation of materials is expected to result in numerous new homes being built over the next several years.

However, since GSH is located in Huntsville, it took some careful planning when it came time to transport the materials to Madison County. But like everything else with her business, Barbara Stokes was up to the challenge. By working closely with her in-house logistics team, the company was able to utilize four semi-trucks to make sure the materials got to their destination. Read this article at

Long known as one of the most important companies involved in disaster relief, GSH and Barbara Stokes have come to the aid of others on many occasions. For example, when Hurricane Harvey left its mark on Louisiana and Texas in 2017, GSH was awarded a $28 million contract from FEMA to produce manufactured homes for the area. By coming through time after time during these difficult circumstances, Barbara Stokes and GSH have proven to be an important part of disaster relief recovery.

Yet while this latest donation from GSH is wonderful, it’s not the first time GSH has helped Habitat for Humanity. In fact, in June 2017 the company donated more than $75,000 in building materials to the Madison County group, which included drywall and linoleum flooring. In the years ahead, it’s clear Barbara Stokes and GSH will undoubtedly continue to help those in need.



Highland Capital Management Sponsors Zoo Exhibit

Highland Capital Management, L.P which was co-founded by James Dondero helped to partially sponsor the construction of 2.1 acres which will house Hippos and will be known as the Hippo Outpost at the Dallas Zoo. Highland management, L.P donated one million dollars for the Highland Capital Lodge. The 5,000 square foot lodge will house special displays and will be used for private events. With the completion of the 14 million dollar Hippo Outpost, zoo visitors will be able to see hippos once again since the death of hippo Papa. After four years of planning and preparation, the zoo hopes to see an increase in visitors. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

The construction of the exhibit was a bit difficult as the design of the exhibit had to circulate fresh water through several pools and the outdoors. The difficulty came from designing a natural looking water feature, but the pools had to be sturdy enough to withstand a hippos weight and mouth. The Dallas Zoo project will be of great economic benefit for the zoo and the community and will bring great joy to all of the zoo visitors who see the hippos.


The Dallas Zoo exhibit is just one of the philanthropic projects that James Dondero and his company Highland Capital Management have helped fund. Highland Capital Management has donated millions of dollars to charities and non-profit organization through the charitable arm of the company, The Dallas Foundation. Highland Capital Management forms partnerships with programs and institutions that benefit the people of Dallas. James Dondero and his firm have donated to several places such as the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, The Family Place, and this donation for the Zoo’s Hippo Outpost and the Highland Capital Lodge are just the latest projects from James Dondero and Highland capital management.

The publicity gained by James Dondero and co-owner Mark Okada from all of their charitable and philanthropic projects have earned Highland Capital Management a spot in the 2015 Dallas Business Journals Best Places to Work. All of the executives and the owners of Highland Capital Management are committed to philanthropy and helping the community. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

Trabuco Souring High With Bradesco

     When a child is born, there is no way of telling what the child will become, you can never now or tell what they are designed to be in the future. However by design, we are all born leaders in our own right, but getting to the point of a leadership role is determined by completely different attributes, which have actual and visible results. This is the same case when it comes to Luiz Carlos . Born in Sao Paulo in the year 1951, he started his journey to leadership in the year 1963, where he worked as a clerk at Bradesco. His inborn leadership skills propelled him to work hard at the position he was given at the time, and he went on to do the same at every other position he was promoted to.

When the long-standing president of the company resigned at the age of 91, he recommended Trabuco for the position. It is known that apart from the fact that they worked together and in the same company for long,Luiz and Brandao are friends and acquaintances. However, based on Trabuco’s excellent track record at the company Brandao’s decision for Trabuco to take over was justified. Apart from his hard work, knowledge, and determination, he had worked under Brandao for over eight years. During his time with Brandao, he gained vast experience in managerial skills and strategies that were working.

For people who have been in business the longest, you can relate to the fact that backing sectors are the most competitive of business, and stay on top means staying in business and controlling the economy. As for Bradesco, despite going through a few bumps of the road, it has managed to stay afloat and rise to the top of the financial sector due to its leadership. Trabuco’s track record of success for every position he has worked has propelled the bank to a significant height of success thus as Trabuco went up the ladder the bank’s success also went up. Hence the saying “any companies or businesses success is as good as the leadership within it.”