Aaron Lupuloff Brings His Business Skills To Educational Fundraising


In Gwinnett County, Georgia the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation serves the community by helping fund and organize education throughout the county. As a nonprofit organization, the GCPS Foundation raises capital and invests it to provide additional funding for local projects and charities that enhance the educational system in Gwinnett County.

A member of the GCPS Foundation’s board, Aaron Lupuloff of Norcross, was appointed to a new position in 2015 to specifically focus on raising capital and provide an endowment for the foundation. Lupuloff came to the position with an extensive background in both finance and fundraising. He has worked in the financial industry since 1982, serving as a managing director for Bears Sterns/JP Morgan as well as with Raymond James and Fifth Third Street Bank Securities.

He was also the founder of the Norcross High School Foundation, which he also served in the roles of president, vice president and treasurer. His appointment as senior executive director at the GCPS Foundation is, according to GCPS Foundation’s president David Seago, “Fortunate.” Seago stresses how happy the GCPS Foundation was to find someone with Aaron Lupuloff’s qualifications that was willing and able to dedicate themselves to the position on a full-time basis.

The GCPS Foundation was founded in 2006 to help the Gwinnett County area maintain and improve education standards and resources in an effort to create better a better community. See Related Link for additional information.

Aaron Lupuloff and his wife Jan are strong supporters of charity. in addition to their work with schools they give to youth camps, domestic violence victims and juvenile diabetes. Their children attended public school in Gwinnett County and graduated from Norcross High School. Aaron and Jan were both inducted into the Norcross High School Foundation’s Hall of Fame in 2011 for their work with the school.

Aaron Lupuloff also helped found not only the NHS Foundation but the GCPS Foundation also. Before becoming executive director he was a founding member of the board. Aaron Lupuloff was also a founding board member of the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board. He has a degree in business administration from the University of Alabama.


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Roseann Bennett Canine Assisted Therapy


Therapy plays an integral role in the holistic wellbeing of an individual. Its benefits are quite evident especially to those who seek treatment for issues such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorders among others.

Roseann Bennett is a certified marriage and family therapist whose years of experience make her an expert in her line of work. Based on her interaction with patients, Bennett holds a strong belief in practical therapeutic techniques to serve even the financially challenged.

One of her recent projects involves the implementation of a technique known as “Canine-Assisted Therapy”. This is where dogs are used in the treatment process since they provide a sense of calm and warmth to people. The article highlights research on the practicality of this therapy and depicts that the method has been researched upon since the early 1970s.

Roseann Bennett especially believes that children will benefit the most since having a pet has a calming effect. She states that trained dogs can generally improve the patient moods and lower anxiety levels. Children who suffer from reading disorders are said to grow in the presence of a dog since the mind can block out any form of external judgments in a relaxed state of mind. See Related Article for more information.

Roseann Bennett hopes that everyone suffering from disorders will adopt this form of therapy. It is evident that Canine assisted treatment is cost-effective and hence can be implemented by people from all financial backgrounds. It further prevents feelings of loneliness and depression.

However, it is important to note that there are certain dog breeds which are more effective at emotional therapy. The article highlights breeds such as pugs, French bulldogs among other calm breeds would be best suited for this role. Roseann Bennett plans to integrate Canine-Assisted Therapy in her Centre for Treatment and Assessment since she believes it is exciting and beneficial to her patients.


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Vinod Gupta – The Epitome Of EntrepreneurialIsm


About the Man – Vinod Gupta

Originally from India, Vinod Gupta had a humble beginning. Born to a life of bare necessities, Gupta focused on school and making a better life for himself and his family. After finishing high school, he went on to attend India’s Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) where he studied agricultural engineering.

In 1967, Vinod Gupta came to America to continue his education and receive his Master’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering and Business for the University of Nebraska. He later returned to his homeland in 2006 as a scholar and entrepreneur, to deliver the commencement speech to the IIT Kharagpur graduating class.


Career Beginnings – Gupta’s Trek

Vinod Gupta began his career with Commodore Corporation as a Marketing Research Analyst. Tasked with gathering information from all over the country, Gupta saw a need for a better system. Along with a fellow employee, Gupta developed a database with all the mobile home dealers in the U.S. After compilation he gave an option to the company he worked for to buy it for a hefty $9,000 or allow him to keep it and sell it to competitors. Well Commodore’s reaction was an opportunity for Gupta. When Commodore declined, he used it to his advantage and founded and created his first business American Business Information (ABI). ABI was just the beginning for Gupta. Get Additional Information Here.


Gupta Here and Now

Fast forward to today Vinod Gupta is the thriving force behind Everest Group an investment firm. He has taken his experiences from CEO, entrepreneurial ism, and technology savvy; to create a mega firm that handles funding to enhance success for struggling information technology companies.

Besides Vinod’s entrepreneurial prowess he has a charitable spirit. He has donated and been the champion for individuals that need work after experiencing hardships or struggling with disabilities. He is truly devoted and believes that information technology coupled with artificial intelligence is the wave of the future.

Vinod Gupta has been a huge supporter of Women’s Education and started the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic for Women in Rampur Maniharan.


View source: https://medium.com/@vinodgupta1/vinod-guptas-my-american-dream-and-how-you-can-dream-too-e631beab057e

Gregory Aziz: The Value Of A Quality Product


There is a lot of negativity often associated with big businesses. They are thought to be completely heartless entities that are only interested in increasing their net worth and global power. This is never completely true of any business, but some businesses exude their desire to help the community more than others. National Steel Car, in contrast, has put a lot of effort into cultivating a giving spirit and an atmosphere of caring. National Steel Car is a place where every worker knows that the products they produce are top-notch and their customers will be happy with the materials they receive. Since the rolling stock business is already very competitive it is good to know that this company has taken the extra steps to ensure that there is excellent value in their products.

The company has CEO and owner Greg Aziz to thank for the extra mile of caring that they are known for. Since he took over the company in the 1990’s there has been a completely different atmosphere around the place. National Steel Car has a long proud heritage. The company started in 1912 when people of the community expressed a need for rolling stock. The company began to expand their customer base to other communities and eventually started servicing almost all of North America. When the 90’s came around, National Steel Car did not stand quite as proudly as it did in its early days. The time for innovation had been long gone. Not one was interested in their products the same.

Gregory Aziz wanted to relight their fire. He implemented better engineering and helped create new products that shipping companies needed for their goods. On top of that, he created something with amazing quality. The products coming out of their business were superb. They even began earning the company awards all over Canada. In fact, the TTX SECO award is typically reserved for businesses that produce products of only the highest quality. That quality award is also held for businesses that give their customers this quality as a good value. Greg Aziz pushed the company, but he was able to help them realize their passion all over again. He lit a fire in the company the only way that a true leader is able to do. National Steel Car is now one of the global powers in manufacturing thanks to his efforts. They will continue to astound and mesmerize the public for many years to come.

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Vinod Gupta: A Telemarketing Pioneer And Philanthropist


How did the internet become the place where companies have been able to find information on prospective customers and use that to tailor their marketing specifically to them? Vinod Gupta, an Indian-American entrepreneur laid the ground work for it by turning yellow page phone books into searchable databases. The company he ran for many years that had this information was InfoUSA which made several key marketing group acquisitions along the way to becoming a multi-million dollar company that had extensive business contact information spanning across multiple industries. But it was how Gupta started this company that was quite remarkable.


Vinod Gupta had come from poverty in India to being able to attend grad school in the US at the University of Nebraska. It was after this while working at Commodore Corporation that he got the idea of monetizing contact information in business lists because he had been asked to gather that information to build sales leads. He couldn’t find it in the existing company lists, so he bought yellow page phone books from every state to do it. Gupta was nearly fired because the yellow page books took up so much space, but after moving the operation to his home he was able to build a big list. See This Page for related information.


Gupta later had the opportunity to take the list and sell it to Commodore’s competitors, and with $100 that he invested in mailers he soon was selling his yellow page list to multiple customers. From there he soon was generating enough income to run his own information sales business and he began by naming it American Business Lists. But as it became more tech-based and grew, he had it changed several times until finally it was named InfoUSA. Gupta would sell the company in 2010.


Vinod Gupta has wanted others in third world countries to have the same opportunities he did to become a millionaire, so he’s started charity programs to provide education and housing in those countries. Even his own native village north of Delhi, India was able to have new schools and basic service infrastructure built thanks to Vinod Gupta’s contributions. Gupta also worked with the Clinton Global Initiative and the former president’s foundation, and he even was a top pick for Ambassador to Fiji though he declined that appointment.


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