Looking into the fame and success of Alex Pall

Those who wish to succeed in their music career should know that it takes talent and hard work. For example, they can learn from one of the most talented individuals in the music scene, Alex Pall. It is not by luck that he has achieved such great success in the music industry because he has to stay focused and work with those who had a similar dream with him. He is known for his outstanding musical ability that has led him to work with some of the most recognized icons in the industry. Before he started singing, he was working in New York City where he was getting gigs as a DJ. He also ensured that he was persistent and consistent while building his music career.

While working in the New York City as a DJ, he met Andrew Taggart who later became his friend and bandmate. When they met, they discovered that they had similar goals and they had a passion for music. They matched well because they both wanted to venture in music in their life. After meeting and discovering their talent, they started working together and creating music. They knew they would work hard and focused on creating good music. They formed the Chainsmokers band which has been attracting a large following because fans love their music. When it comes to creating their music they are active. They create lyrics and even produce their beats. They have been creating some of the best EDM music attracting music fans worldwide.

Since then Alex Pall has been successful and influential in the music world. A lot of changes have happened to him since he became famous and successful. For example, he purchased a bungalow two years ago. It is a home with a unique design. It is a home that incorporates modern and traditional styles making it unique and attractive. Alex deserves all the fame and success as well as the money he is earning in the industry today. He has worked hard to achieve success because the music industry is not easy to venture into and many have failed because they do not have the persistence needed to become successful in the music scene.


Alex Pall Discusses Chainsmokers and the Hit Song Closer

The DJ duo Chainsmokers released Closer in 2016. The song featuring Taggart and Halsey rose to the top of the charts quickly. However, it was an unusual that Taggart, a DJ, was one of the vocalist on the track. Most DJ’s in their genre rely on other vocalists to sing on tracks. In their interview with Mathias Rozenzweig, the pair reveals how they met and where the plan to take their music.

Alex Pall recounts his time working as a DJ in New York City. He described it as a hobby that felt more fun than like a job. He stated that he and Taggart met through his manager at an art gallery.

Taggart remembered gaining an interest in DJing while attending college. His love for electronic music preceded its popularity. While he was interning at Interscope, he was approached by kid that worked for Pall’s manager about becoming part of Chainsmokers. At the time the group lost one of its members and Pall was looking for a new DJ. The two met and Taggart described it as “love at first sight.” The pair started working together immediately and continue to crank out hits.

The duo has tried to reinvent dance music by creating music that doesn’t fit in the category of pop, hip-hop, or dance. They listen to every kind of music and they don’t want to make just dance music. They’ve created a catalog of music that is very different from the music that they have already released.

Pall revealed that they write songs and work with songwriters to create music. They play a major part in guiding the song writing process. He mentioned that Closer was written by Taggart and Buddy. The duo has a diverse audience spanning across different demographics. They’ve had to change the format of their live shows because Taggart is singing. However, they are positive about the direction they are going. The believe that social media has helped to expose their music to other demographics.


Clay Houston: Live Entertainment Manager And Sound Engineer

Being a tour manager means that you are the person in control of the entire show. The artist, and the people coming to watch them depend on you to make their time worthwhile, and to ensure that the show moves about smoothly without any disruptions. They are the most important people, other than the artist performing there of course, and are an indispensable part of any performance.



While having a tour manager is essential for any artist touring around the place, performing for crowds of people, it is important to have a good tour manager who knows what they are doing. It is essential for a tour manager to be able to keep up with the high pressure that comes along with the job, and still be able to carry out their duties well and without any hassles. Having a good tour manager can make the entire touring experience so much easier and a lot more efficient. On the other hand, having a sub par tour manager that doesn’t know the intricacies of the job will end up with the show not running smoothly, or worse, turning into a disaster.



Clay Houston is one person who has come as a saving grace to artists all over the world. He has been a tour manager for several years who has offered some of the most high-end management that has improved the way performers conduct their shows and has benefitted several artists who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to carry out a good show without his help. In addition to working as a tour manager, Clay Houston is also a well-established sound engineer. He has an incredible amount of experience working as an engineer for some of the biggest names in music and knows how to entirely run a show, using some of the best equipment.



One of the recent demonstrations of Clay Houston’s experience in the music industry was the Arron Lewis show that he had just put on. The show was one in which Houston made use of some of the most modern and technologically advanced sound systems that delivered superior sound quality and performance which elevate the performance, making it one of the best shows that the artist has put on.



Because of the experience and knowledge that Houston has gained through the years, he decided to start up his own live entertainment company that provided solutions to artists who were looking for someone who manages their entire shows. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/Clay/Hutson