Alex Pall Discusses Chainsmokers and the Hit Song Closer

The DJ duo Chainsmokers released Closer in 2016. The song featuring Taggart and Halsey rose to the top of the charts quickly. However, it was an unusual that Taggart, a DJ, was one of the vocalist on the track. Most DJ’s in their genre rely on other vocalists to sing on tracks. In their interview with Mathias Rozenzweig, the pair reveals how they met and where the plan to take their music.

Alex Pall recounts his time working as a DJ in New York City. He described it as a hobby that felt more fun than like a job. He stated that he and Taggart met through his manager at an art gallery.

Taggart remembered gaining an interest in DJing while attending college. His love for electronic music preceded its popularity. While he was interning at Interscope, he was approached by kid that worked for Pall’s manager about becoming part of Chainsmokers. At the time the group lost one of its members and Pall was looking for a new DJ. The two met and Taggart described it as “love at first sight.” The pair started working together immediately and continue to crank out hits.

The duo has tried to reinvent dance music by creating music that doesn’t fit in the category of pop, hip-hop, or dance. They listen to every kind of music and they don’t want to make just dance music. They’ve created a catalog of music that is very different from the music that they have already released.

Pall revealed that they write songs and work with songwriters to create music. They play a major part in guiding the song writing process. He mentioned that Closer was written by Taggart and Buddy. The duo has a diverse audience spanning across different demographics. They’ve had to change the format of their live shows because Taggart is singing. However, they are positive about the direction they are going. The believe that social media has helped to expose their music to other demographics.

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