Bruno Fagali Advocacy And Achievements

In the vast field of law, Bruno Fagali happens to be a very famous name and has been a respected person for so many years. He happens to be a very respected attorney from Brazil, and his operations and offices are based in Sao Paulo. He is a specialist in Urban law, administrative, regulatory, compliance and also ethics and electoral law. He has been on the frontline pushing for career success and has always dedicated his life and skills towards greatness in life.

Bruno Fagali has a lot of experience in his career and has what it takes to prove to the generations that the experience he possesses is of great value. He has been very passionate about the course he is following and have always worked with great motivation.

Bruno Fagali has been able to carve his niche in the Brazilian legal system. He has become famous for his areas of expertise and has been working towards greatness and also a success. He is always motivated towards career success and has endeavored his ultimate goals towards making sure that he helps as many people as possible become compliant in their businesses and what they do for a living. He has been on the frontline promoting good governance and have been able to work with many people for career achievement and success. He is the current Corporate Integrity Manager of Nova.

Bruno Fagali is an alumnus of Pontifical Catholic University based in Sao Paulo and has always worked with great passion towards ensuring that he succeeds. He has been on the frontline helping so many people and corporations. He has been in the industry of law since he graduated in the year 2006. This has been a high motivation and has always desired to help people win in their career. He has been able to work with different companies in various capacities, and this has been able to build him towards becoming a very competent person in history. The passion driven lawyer was advised by his peers and also professors to specialize in the administrative law whereby he has been able to prove to the world that he deserves to make it in his career.

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Focus On The Life And Career Of Bruno Fagali

Bruno Jorge Fagali is the name of one of the top upcoming lawyers present in Brazil today. He is among the crop of lawyers that are bringing about a fresh dimension to the Brazilian legal system. Bruno Fagali has practiced law for a number of years, giving him valuable legal work experience as well as in-depth acquaintance in the field of Administrative law.

Bruno Fagali has managed to build for himself an unmatched reputation in this area of law, making him a renowned Administrative Law Expert in Brazil. From 2006, he has worked in a number of law firms that have seen him acquire valuable hands-on work experience in diverse law disciplines. Currently, Bruno Fagali is the Corporate Integrity Manager at Nova/SB. He also practices autonomously via his agency known as Fagali Law Firm.

Education and Work History

Bruno Fagali attended the famous Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo (PUC-SP) between 2004 and 2009. He graduated with a Bachelors degree in Law. He then proceeded for a specialization course in Administrative Law in the same University from the year 2010 up to 2012.

After his specialization course, he enrolled at the University of Sao Paulo for his Masters in State Law in the year 2015 up to 2017.

He works as the Corporate Integrity Manager at New/SB from December 2015 up to today as well as practicing law via his firm named FAGALI Advocacy from July 2016 to present. Bruno Fagali is well versed in State Law, Administrative Law and Parliamentary Law. He has managed to carve a niche for himself in these areas of law.

Work at New/SB

In an interview with Luiz Gustavo Pacete on the process of coming up with a compliance system, Bob Vieira, the founder of New/SB spoke about their appointment of Bruno Fagali. Bob stated that the company faced some difficulties in finding a way to find a compliance system due to its nature of work.

The company had to bring in an Integrity Manager in the form of Bruno Fagali. Bruno Fagali was put in charge of ensuring that the rules were followed to the letter within the agency. His background in the legal field played an important role in his hiring.