Sussex Healthcare Audiology: Enlightening Lives With Quality Hearing

Hearing impairment is a condition that puts people in isolation, and it is really horrific when people lose the power of ears at their mid of their life or later part due to various reasons. They feel like they are discriminated from the mainstream social life, which most of the humans wanted to be part. Many people cannot accept the changed way of life, and due to that reason, hearing impairment is a condition that needs most modern solutions to pacify the effects. In the U.K., Sussex Healthcare Audiology shares the same vision and brings the best solutions in the market to improve the conditions of the people who are affected.

It is a division of Sussex Health Care, a highly acclaimed senior living home network in the county. SHC Audiology has made an exclusive agreement with NHS to provide hearing aid aftercare services for its patients, placing the hearing aid devices, screening of age-related hearing issues, collaborating with ENT clinics that are led by consultants in some areas, and more. As of today, the network operates in Sussex, Surrey, and Berkshire. The services of Sussex Health Care Audiology are completely different due to the unique service delivery and the highest ethical and professional standards of the institution to provide assured results.


All of this is made possible by a group of highly talented audiologists who are using the latest equipment and going through rigorous training programs throughout the year to stay updated. Interestingly, the services of SHC Audiology is regulated by the Care Quality Commission or CQC. The company is known for creating its own methodology of a novel and proven treatment framework through patient and staff safety, regular inspection and the control of possible infection, risk management, proper adherence to clinical and company policies, and more. The firm is also accredited by the UKAS, which is mandatory under the IQIPS Standard.

Interestingly, IQIPS Standard is regarded as the premier accreditation set by The Royal College of Physicians for ensuring best practices, care, and safety for various patients, continued improvement of service standards and more. Additionally, it is the only nation-wide recognized accreditation option in the country for Audiology services. While coming to the parent organization, Sussex Health Care was the idea of a group of healthcare entrepreneurs who were dedicated to service in the year 1998. The firm is known for providing highest standard senior living experience to its inhabitants through personalized care, energetic environment, nutritious diet plan, expert medical services, and more according to