Dr. Saad Saad: The Renowned East Coast Pediatric Surgeon

Saad has performed thousands of difficult pediatric surgeries on children from all ages for four decades now. The doctor has done eight medical operations to Jerusalem where he did free complex surgeries on poor kids. He is known for the invention of new pediatric surgical techniques.



Saad Saad was born in Palestine and raised in Kuwait. He is one out of eight kids where three of them are surgeons, two Ph.D. and two Master Degree in engineering and one of them is a teacher. He went to the University of Cairo, Egypt and earned his degree and was placed second I his class. He later finalized his practicum in England and immigrated to America. Saad then did his internship in surgery and pediatric surgery in the USA Board Certified in Pediatric Surgery. He is currently a surgeon in Eatontown in New Jersey. He is connected with many hospitals in the area including the New Jersey Shore University of Medical Center and Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch Campus.




Inspirations to join medical school



Saad said that he wanted to be an engineer just like his two elder brothers who were at that time at work outdoors in construction. Kuwait was very hot during the summer. So he decided to go for a profession that would allow him to be working in an air-conditioned room. Dr. Saad not only became a doctor but also a surgeon who worked in air-conditioned operation rooms. Mr. Saad is a man with a sense of humor; however, his serious side can be unfolded through his many achievements in the medical field.



During his profession, Dr. Saad served as the Surgeon –in- chief and the Co-medical director at the K Hovnanian Children’s Hospital at Hackensack Meridian Health Care System that was located in the New Jersey.



In the 1980s, Dr. Saad’s profession was broken up when he was given an opportunity to work as a pediatric surgeon in the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. This situation forced him to move with his family to the Middle East. You might be wondering how Dr. Saad Saad got that golden and rare opportunity. Well, the fact that he was the only available pediatric surgeon that was board-certified in the United States and that he was a fluent Arabic and English speaker.



After going to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to learn more about the job, Dr.Saad started the opportunity in 1985. During his time as the pediatric surgeon in the Royal Family, Dr. Saad and his family had a lot of adventure. They met people from all over the globe. Dr. Saad also visited his friends in many countries including Ghana, England, Canada, Hawaii, Sweden, Egypt and in Denmark.



Opportunity to serve both the rich and the poor


Apart from treating the Saudi Arabian Royal Family, Dr. Saad got the chance to treat the royal family from Bahrain, the United Arab Emirate, and the Gulf of Persia. Due to the fact that the Saudi Royal Family opened its hospital doors to the poor who had pediatric medical problems that were complex, Mr. Saad treated both the rich and the poor.



It is here that Dr. Saad got the chance of performing a surgery on the youngest kid to have been ever admitted with an aneurysm.Learn more: https://www.doximity.com/pub/saad-saad-md