Barbara Stokes: Investing In The Future Of Her Community

As one of the best-known charity organizations in the United States, Habitat for Humanity has provided numerous homes for disadvantaged families, changing lives for the better. However, just like any charity organization, it relies on donations and the support of local communities to continue its mission. Thus, it was met with great delight recently when Barbara Stokes, CEO of Green Structure Homes, donated $50,000 of high-quality building materials to the Madison County Habitat for Humanity chapter. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

While the types of building materials ran the gamut, most consisted of drywall and Hardie Fascia board, which are used extensively in most homes. Since GSH is known throughout Alabama and other areas of the United States as a leading manufacturer of materials used in energy-efficient modular homes, the donation of materials is expected to result in numerous new homes being built over the next several years.

However, since GSH is located in Huntsville, it took some careful planning when it came time to transport the materials to Madison County. But like everything else with her business, Barbara Stokes was up to the challenge. By working closely with her in-house logistics team, the company was able to utilize four semi-trucks to make sure the materials got to their destination. Read this article at

Long known as one of the most important companies involved in disaster relief, GSH and Barbara Stokes have come to the aid of others on many occasions. For example, when Hurricane Harvey left its mark on Louisiana and Texas in 2017, GSH was awarded a $28 million contract from FEMA to produce manufactured homes for the area. By coming through time after time during these difficult circumstances, Barbara Stokes and GSH have proven to be an important part of disaster relief recovery.

Yet while this latest donation from GSH is wonderful, it’s not the first time GSH has helped Habitat for Humanity. In fact, in June 2017 the company donated more than $75,000 in building materials to the Madison County group, which included drywall and linoleum flooring. In the years ahead, it’s clear Barbara Stokes and GSH will undoubtedly continue to help those in need.