Jed McCaleb Outlines the Keys to Successful Entrepreneurship

Jed McCaleb has built quite the resume over the course of his career, introducing game-changing companies such as Mt. Gox and eDonkey to the forefront of file-sharing and Bitcoin exchange. While taking a break from his latest endeavor, Stellar, a new company that focuses on building a bridge between financial institutions and the world’s two billion people that are considered to be unbanked, he sat down for an interview in which he discussed the daily practices that have continued to make him successful, as well as the exciting prospects surrounding artificial intelligence. On a normal day, Mr. McCaleb spends half of his time building and coding for Stellar and the other half of his time reply and sending emails that focus on the networking aspects of his company. By doing this, he is able to increase his productivity on an exponential level, recognizing that time is one of his most precious commodities. He also cognitively eliminates anything that he believes is not essential to the completion of the product, which helps to cut back significantly on wasted time and resources.

One of the most used and most useful strategies that Jed McCaleb tends to implement within his own process, is to focus on building a great product, rather than on marketing one. With the rapid expansion of internet capabilities, it is his firm belief that it is easier than ever before to connect a great product with its proper audience, therefore, the main focus should be on creating the product.

As of late, Jed McCaleb has been spending his time away from stellar focusing on bringing artificial intelligence to the masses, relating its potential impact to that of the agricultural revolution.

By his own admission, the possibilities associated with this technology can be scary at times, and it is his goal to help provide future entrepreneurs with a model that is both efficient and effective. He recently teamed up with the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, which is a nonprofit organization geared at developing new tools to usher in the next era of artificial intelligence in the safest manner possible.