Clay Hutson and his music business

Clay Hutson is an audio engineer who has dedicated himself to helping event organizers and musicians better their craft. Before this, he was employed at a company that dealt with live music, and this is where he rose to become a manager. Having worked here for some time, Hutson decided to venture on his own. He started a company that designs, manages and produces concerts.

Clay Hutson is, no doubt, a rare gem when it comes to matters live music. He is constantly trying out new ways to improve the music industry. In his bid to seek perfection, Hutson dedicates most of his day interacting with various stakeholders in the music industry.

As much as he had dabbled in the corporate entertainment field, he was finally convinced that the altar of rock and roll was where he belonged. This has seen him work with some of the biggest names in the industry like Kid Rock, Pink, Guns N’ Roses and Garbage.

In a recent interview, Hutson intimated that he has recently been focusing on stage management. This involves running the floor on parties and concerts from start to finish. He is currently working with Kid Rock, and this means his day has to start at 6:30 am. He start by laying out the storage plan and planning the day’s schedule in terms of what the crew will be involved in. He takes his time to ensure that everything goes on as planned during the show.

Hutson believes that most of his works end up being successful due to his creativity. He envisions his aides and goes ahead to execute them. Since he already has a solid understanding of what is involved in the whole process, it becomes much easier to make it work. He also credits CAD design for the success of most of his designs, and this is complemented by his practical nature.

Clay Hutson is excited by the fact that technological advancements in the music industry constantly help him perform his tasks much easily. He, therefore, tries as much as possible to keep up with the regular updates that happen in order to stay ahead of the pack.

The Success Story of Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is a renowned live music producer, sound engineer, and stage manager who is based in Nashville Tennessee. Clay developed a passion for music while he was still a young boy. To achieve his goals and ambitions in life Clay knew that he had to take a course in the music entertainment industry. Clay then attended Central Michigan University where he graduated with a Bachelors Degree in theatre design. Cay also is an entrepreneur at heart and knew that one day he would establish his entertainment firm. To gain the knowledge required for managing his business Clay went back to school and pursued a masters of business administration degree from Stephen M. Ross School of Business.

Clay Hutson before establishing his live music entertainment company had previously served in various positions in several live entertainment companies. Some of the roles that Clay served in include being a sound engineer and a project manager. Clay in his career life has worked with big corporate companies and has also traveled far and wide providing entertainment services to renowned evangelist Billy Graham. However, Clay desire was to work in the music entertainment industry primarily in the rock n roll music genre. Clay owing to his exposure, skills, and knowledge of sound engineering and live performance management started his entertainment firm after a company he previously worked for was adversely affected by the economic recession.

Clay Hutson within a short time became one of the most sought after live music entertainment producer and organizer. Clay business grew in leap and bounds because of his excellent reputation reliability and hard work. Clay since the formation of his company has traveled for business in many countries. Clay notable achievements include organizing the 2005 world tour in Europe, Australia and North America called Bleed Like Me for the Garbage Band. Clay in the trip served as the monitor engineer. Clay also participated in the OneRepublic Honda Civic Tour in North America including Asia where he operated the rigging system.

Clay Hutson has helped design, manage and produce live music concerts for famous musicians such a Pink, Kid Rock, and Gun and Roses among other artists.