Witnessed By A Full House: Nick Vertucci And His Game Of Poker

Nick Vertucci played in his first poker tournament in 2004, placing 8th in a field of 251 players and taking home $7,530 in prize money. Since then, Mr. Vertucci has participated in several highly regarded poker tournaments, including the World Series of Poker, the World Poker Tournament and Live at the Bike. He has been a competitor on the Poker After Dark television series that is hosted by NBC.

In 2016 Mr. Vertucci played in the World Series of Poker (WSP), winning a pot of $2,532 as the 828th ranked player in a pool of 7190 entrants. His history of positive earnings is rare in the world of poker, where most players report losing or breaking even. His final standing at the WSP improved his ranking in the Hendon Mob, the largest worldwide database of poker players.

In his book, Seven Figure Decisions, he shares insights from his career as a real estate mogul. His advice could apply just as easily to the game of poker, at which Mr. Vertucci has excelled by applying his experience from the field of real estate investing. Adaptability, emotional control, discipline and the ability to read others are just a few of the transferable skills that have helped Nick Vertucci to travel the distance from real estate investor to successful poker player.

Since his 2004 win in the No-Limit Texas Hold’Em Championship at the Commerce Casino, Nick Vertucci has been turning his professional experience into a string of poker wins. He credits the game of poker with making him a better planner while also improving his ability to think on his feet. Nick Vertucci continues to indulge his long-standing passion for poker, playing professionally on a part-time basis, and admits that Texas Hold ‘Em is still his favorite game.