Anthony Constantinou: Creating A Robot That Can Predict Game Results


The Queen Mary University of London has a dedicated department researching the possible applications of AI technology in the society. The Bayesian AI department, as it is called, is headed by Anthony Constantinou. Recently, he created a model called the Dolores, and he developed it to predict the outcomes of football matches. He entered a competition called the International Machine Learning for Soccer Competition, and his entry involved his work. The participants who joined the competition were provided with numerous results coming from 52 different leagues worldwide. There are missing data as well, the competition’s goal is to see which AI would be able to predict the match outcomes for football leagues that were played in 2017.


The creation of Anthony Constantinou landed in the 2nd place, and the judges were impressed with the abilities that it showcased. Dolores, as an AI, developed the ability to predict the outcome of numerous football matches by observing previous games. The hybrid Bayesian Artificial Intelligence also had a role in providing Dolores with the ability to predict the results accurately.


The Queen Mary University of London felt proud learning that one of their faculties managed to develop a complex AI that can predict game outcomes. For Anthony Constantinou, the work surrounding Dolores is not yet finished. He stated that the AI should undergo several developments before he can finally say that Dolores is ready to face the world. See This Page for additional information about Anthony Constantinou.


Anthony Constantinou’s fascination with machines and AIs began when he was a child, and now that he can create the robots that he wanted, Anthony Constantinou begins to turn his science fiction dreams into reality. He believes that in the future, the world would rely heavily on AIs, and he wanted to show his contribution for the future generations by creating a very smart AI system that could help thousands.