Steve Lesnard, Two Principles for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has numerous benefits for a business if it is leveraged properly. Digital marketing is the most form of marketing used by brands nowadays because it reaches the target audience easily and quickly. Digital marketing also provides a platform for user engagement and interaction which other forms of marketing do not have. Steve Lesnard convinces brands to use digital mediums for advertising their products, but use it properly. According to Steve Lesnard, it can be effective for new product introduction to the market. Brands that use digital marketing properly are those that focus their strategies on the consumer instead of the product.

Steve Lesnard recommends the use of two main principles to use digital marketing for brand growth and development. If the focus is put on these two principles, a product’s adverting on digital mediums will be successful. They include:

  1. Keeping it simple

When introducing a new product in the market, it is essential to get the storyline right. A simple storyline is the most effective and memorable to consumers. While the story is simple, it should also communicate the benefits of the product and the value it adds to the consumer. Consumers also need to understand the story of the product. If consumers cannot understand the product, they will not remember it as well. Therefore, always keep it simple and straight to the point.

  1. Make it real

All consumers want real-life experiences when it comes to suing a product. They buy products they relate to, and that applies to their daily lives. Thus, when advertising a product ensures that it communicates to consumers how it can be used and applied. This should be done visually because it brings the product to life. The use of videos for advertising helps bring a product to life because it shows the use of the product first hand. A video is also an opportunity of showing the consumers the best features of the product and its value. Yeti, which sells coolers ahs managed to use this principle by showing adverts of individuals using their coolers. Consumers can see how the coolers can warm and cool water in a matter of seconds.

Gulf Coast Western is engaging in Exploration, Research, and Lease Activities to Increase Revenue Generation

Mathew Fleeger, the president and the chief executive officer of Gulf Coast Western has excelled in helping the organization to achieve its goals and objectives in oil and gas exploration over the last few years. The Texas-based company has been able to establish its operations in various states around the United States. Having a foothold in many states gives the company an opportunity to diversify in its exploration activities, which is not a luxury that other companies get to enjoy.

Operating in different areas around the United States has not been the only strategy that Mathew Fleeger has used to push the company forward. He has also been involved in some of the most standout financial transactions in recent times. Most of these transactions have been revolving towards helping the company, Gulf Coast Western Limited, to partner with other corporations of interest with the aim of mutual benefit. To a larger extent, the company has been able to achieve its objectives, especially when partnerships are concerned

However, the company has been focusing on other investment opportunities with the sole aim of increasing its revenue sources. Most of these revenue generating activities include lease acquisition activities where the firm conducts exploration activities on behalf of other companies. However, most of these exploration and research activities are currently being carried in other states, which are aimed at reducing the conflict of interest the company might have when exploring in areas close to its oil fields.

However, conducting exploration, research, and lease acquisition activities does not mean that Gulf Coast Western has moved from its primary business of oil exploration. The company intends to put its oil fields, which have the potential of producing significant amounts of oils, into development activities. Moreover, Gulf Coast Western is also focused on expanding its operations in other regions in the United States.