R.A.W: A Sustainable Beauty Brand By Dan Bethelmy-Rada


We now live in a time where environmental awareness is one of the front running causes of every individual or company. We now take into consideration the environmental impact that we leave unto the Earth with every single thing we do. This is the result of irresponsible consumption and waste production from the past centuries and we are suffering from it now. We have yet to turn the tides – that is why a lot of companies now are sparking their own efforts in making sure that their products are environmentally friendly in-production and as much as possible, in post-production as well.

R.A.W. that was co-developed by Dan Bethelmy- Rada – and it is a brand that has come to a full realization that there is a longing and desire for natural products from the consumers. Gone are the days where consumers look for “naturally-inspired” products.

Nowadays, consumers want something that is organic and natural – something closest to Earthly materials that are safe and delicate to the skin. Dan Bethelmy- Rada answers to this need and desire specifically, and he makes sure that his products are sustainable and has the most minimal impact to the environment.

Dan Bethelmy- Rada Loreal is backed by L’Oreal’s Shating Beauty With All Program – a system that supports the business model of R.A.W.; their desire to offer and provide a line of products to the market that is entirely natural with an extremely precautious approach towards sustainability. They consider every area and stage of production when it comes to sustainability and becoming eco-friendly – from end to end, production to packaging to distribution.

The formula of all the products of R.A.W. are based on the most basic, short list of natural, effective, biodegradable and highly potent ingredients which do not contain parabens or any harmful third party chemical. Moreover, all of this products are sustainably sourced and are not extorted from their people or their natural habitat. The ingredients are all sourced from fair trade, sustainable, and traceable sources.

Dan Bethelmy- Rada makes sure that the life cycle of all the ingredients used in production are tracked and that every stage of R.A.W. has a minimal impact on the environment. Read This Article to learn more.


Find him on : https://contactout.com/Dan-BethelmyRada-2959338

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