Steve Lesnard Talks About Global Marketing Strategies


Steve Lesnard is a legend in sports marketing. He began his career at a leading brand as a Global Marketing and Project Manager. Lesnard was responsible for securing the endorsements from both the Canadian and American Olympic snowboarding teams in 1988, the first year the event was held at the Winter Olympics. The marketing executive went on to pioneer women-only shops, a first in the industry, and later became vice president in charge of running products.

He sat down with IdeaMensch to talk about his experiences working for a global sports brand. First and foremost, Steve loves travel and engaging with difficult cultures, and views sports as a natural extension of that, since sport is an international language. His view is that success in this highly competitive industry lies in finding a customer “pain point” and finding a solution to it.

One example of a real pain point that Steve Lesnard solved in his career as the head of running division at his company was the realization that countless potential customers were doing Google searches about how to get started with running. He realized that this was key information that could help shape the way the firm crafted their consumer experience.

One trend that Steve Lesnard is extremely optimistic about is the rise of personalization in marketing, which has been made possible by recent advancements in how companies keep and use data. He believes that personalization will now be available at scales that were previously unimaginable, and that this will allow companies to create unparalleled experiences for their customers. See This Article for more information.

Steve Lesnard lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife and three children. He grew up on the scenic Mediterranean island of Corsica, which he considers to be the most beautiful place in the world. He continues to help brands understand how to position themselves as leaders in the marketplace.


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