Sharon Prince Heads the Ultramodern Grace Farms


Grace Farms is an extraordinary community complex in New Canaan, Connecticut, that cost the nonprofit and tax-exempt Grace Farms Foundation approximately $120 million for the new center and the purchase of 80 acres of some of the region’s most expensive real estate.

The multifunctional Grace Farms, with a spiritual underpinning, opened in October of 2015 and houses a part-time ecumenical chapel, a nature center, a community garden, a library, a gymnasium, a mess hall, an amphitheater, and is a hub for social justice groups. SANAA, a Japanese architecture firm which won the Pritzker Prize, designed this spectacular building. See This Article to learn more.

“The River” is the main building with five separate sections. It winds down a hill a few hundred yards away from the New York border. It has large glass walls that provide a view of meadows and forests, and the covered roof turns and twists along with the outside landscape.

Sharon Prince is the Grace Farms Foundation’s Chair and President. She spear­headed the vision for the private operating foundation which was established in 2009 with a mission to enhance lives through engaging with nature, community, arts, faith, and justice. It is a new type of public space shared by individuals and not-for-profit organizations.

Grace Farms has numerous awards and accolades for its contributions including the following:

  • Sharon Prince was appointed to the 2018 AIA Institute Honor Awards for Architecture Jury.
  • Grace Farms received the AIA National 2017 Architecture Honor Award.
  • The 2016 Innovation by Design Award for Social Good from the Fast Company
  • The Illinois Institute of Technology’s Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize for participating in the symposium, Reimagining the Metropolis
  • Sharon Prince co-hosted a convening in 2016 with the United Nations University entitled Fighting Human Trafficking in Conflict resulting in a published report to the United Nations Security Council and the UN Resolution 2331
  • Serving on the Board of Next Generation Nepal, which is a charity dedicated to reuniting victims of child exploitation with their families.




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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s Excellent Reputation in Dallas Plastic Surgery

There are many awards and accolades that can be bestowed upon a doctor for his research, patient care, practices, and overall contribution to the medical field. The most important recognitions, in the eyes of most doctors, are those that come directly from the patients. The ability to care for patients and to improve their quality of life is why those in the medical field, such as Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, got into their careers to begin with.

Dr. Jejurikar is a board-certified, Dallas-based plastic surgeon. He is a contributing member of Dallas’s Plastic Surgery Institute, which focuses on cosmetic surgery. His training and experience have led to an improvement of life quality for countless patients of his, and he is widely known for his compassion, as well as passion for and mastery of his craft.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is ranked high on the national list of physicians when it comes to stellar patient reviews. He has received the Compassionate Doctor Certification, which is a prestigious award that is based solely on patient votes. His acceptance of the Compassionate Doctor Certification shows Dr. Jejurikar’s commitment to bedside manner and patient care. The exclusive award is only given to physicians with nearly perfect scores; in fact, sometimes the amount of physicians who receive this award in a year is as low as 3%. Dr. Jejurikar expresses his gratitude to those patients who went well out of their way to give him high ratings.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School before beginning to practice plastic surgery. Dr. Jejurikar is currently affiliated with several hospitals in the Dallas area, including his own Dallas Medical Center, where he is one of seven plastic surgeons, and Pine Creek Medical Center, where he is one of nine. Dr. Jejurikar has also been added to the American Registry of Business Excellence.

Witnessed By A Full House: Nick Vertucci And His Game Of Poker

Nick Vertucci played in his first poker tournament in 2004, placing 8th in a field of 251 players and taking home $7,530 in prize money. Since then, Mr. Vertucci has participated in several highly regarded poker tournaments, including the World Series of Poker, the World Poker Tournament and Live at the Bike. He has been a competitor on the Poker After Dark television series that is hosted by NBC.

In 2016 Mr. Vertucci played in the World Series of Poker (WSP), winning a pot of $2,532 as the 828th ranked player in a pool of 7190 entrants. His history of positive earnings is rare in the world of poker, where most players report losing or breaking even. His final standing at the WSP improved his ranking in the Hendon Mob, the largest worldwide database of poker players.

In his book, Seven Figure Decisions, he shares insights from his career as a real estate mogul. His advice could apply just as easily to the game of poker, at which Mr. Vertucci has excelled by applying his experience from the field of real estate investing. Adaptability, emotional control, discipline and the ability to read others are just a few of the transferable skills that have helped Nick Vertucci to travel the distance from real estate investor to successful poker player.

Since his 2004 win in the No-Limit Texas Hold’Em Championship at the Commerce Casino, Nick Vertucci has been turning his professional experience into a string of poker wins. He credits the game of poker with making him a better planner while also improving his ability to think on his feet. Nick Vertucci continues to indulge his long-standing passion for poker, playing professionally on a part-time basis, and admits that Texas Hold ‘Em is still his favorite game.

Richard Liu Qiangdong Builds From Failed Physical Stores


When companies fail, their founders usually abandon the business. Under most circumstances, businesses fail due to poor leadership, poor work ethic, or changes to the community. There are rare instances when health hazards cause a company to fail. In those instances, companies tend to remain close.

In 2003, China experienced a nationwide SARS outbreak. SARS immediately made it dangerous for people to have face-to-face contact. This meant that brick-and-mortar establishments faced a gloomy outlook, regardless of what business they were in. Many closed their doors and never reopened, but a few found new ways to reach customers.

Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of China’s most successful entrepreneurs, and his solution to the SARS crisis gave birth to China’s second most successful online company. Liu Qiangdong first real job was as a freelance coder, something he started doing after learning computer programming.

His freelance work was just a way to make extra money while attending the China Europe International Business School. At that time, his grandmother fell ill, and he needed money for her treatment. He also used that money to open a small restaurant, officially breaking into the entrepreneurial game. See Related Link for more information.

The restaurant venture ended badly, as the business went belly up due to his lack of commitment. Restaurants require constant attention from owners and managers, but Liu Qiangdong only dedicated two hours a week to the business. After that failure, Liu Qiangdong decided to wait before trying to open another company.

In 1998, he got another opportunity to branch out on his own after acquiring a four-square-meter store. He opened a little shop that sold magneto-optical products. For a name, he combined the last characters of his and his then-girlfriend’s names. Jingdong became a massive success in Beijing. Five years later, there were 12 Jingdong stores nationwide.

Unfortunately, 2003 was the same year of the SARS outbreak. With brick-and-mortar stores no longer safe, Liu Qiangdong moved his company online. Jingdong became, and Liu Qiangdong found greater success.


Visit him on Is Really Getting Into The Spirit Of Giving This Holiday Season is known best as China’s biggest retail company and though the company’s officials are proud of the way that is continuing to innovate in the world of retail and to set new records for sales, they are as proud of the commitment to philanthropy and giving back to the community that has become engrained into the company culture.

One of the biggest priorities on the minds of company officials at JD is to find new ways to help the disadvantaged and the left behind children of the country of China. A recent strategy for helping out in this regard has been to partner up with leading consumer brands that are willing to donate portions of their profits toward giving the children who need it a better life. has also partnered up with a leading philanthropic organization that is noted for its work that it does for children. This organization is known as Wardrobe of Love and it is working together with on the Season of Giving promotion that will run this holiday season in late December.

It is in this critical promotion that major consumer brands will be donating a portion of their overall sales in order to ensure that kids are able to receive items such as school bags and books as well as clothing and other items that are needed in some of the most remote and harsh regions of the country of China.

In recent decades the country of China has seen rapid development as urban cities continue to grow as lightning speed. In this environment, many parents have gone to these urban areas for employment while having to leave their children with other family members. Get Additional Information Here.

Thankfully, these numbers of children in this situation are on a sharp decline, but there may still be as many as seven million children who fall into this category and is devoted to finding ways to help them out. Partnering with Wardrobe of Love and these major consumer brands are going a long way towards helping these children.


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