The Life And Times Of Alastair Borthwick

Alastair Borthwick (1913- 2003) was a Scottish journalist, author, and broadcaster. He was born in Rutherglen and spent the earliest part of his life in Troon and Glasgow. As a teenager, he attended Glasgow High School but dropped out at age 16 to work for the Glasgow Herald. At the Herald, Alastair rapidly rose to become the editor of the ‘Open Air’ feature pages. It was this experience which introduced him to hillwalking and climbing. He later wrote articles about people from Clydebank and Glasgow who went hill climbing on the weekends.

In 1935, Alastair Borthwick left Glasgow for a job with the Daily Mirror in London. However, he did not favor the London scene and soon abandoned the job in 1936 to move back to Glasgow as a BBC correspondent

In 1939, Alistair published his first book “Always a little further’ which was a collection of articles he had written during his time at the Glasgow Herald. The book has remained in print since its publication.

When the second world war began, Alastair Borthwick was commissioned into the 5th Battalion where he served as an intelligence officer. He was highly involved during the war and witnessed combat in North Africa and Europe.

At the end of second world war, Alastair wrote and published the history of his battalion as “Sans Peur, The History of the 5th (Caithness and Sutherland) Battalion, the Seaforth Highlanders”. This book was very popular and was reprinted in 1994 under a new title “Battalion: a British infantry unit’s actions from El Alamein to the Elbe, 1942-1945”.

At the end of the war, the writer and his wife, Anne moved from Glasgow to Jura where he still worked as a broadcaster for the BBC. He left Glasgow in 1952 for Islay but soon returned for the Festival of Britain.

In the 1960s, he embraced television programming and produced up to 150 half-hour programmes for Grampian TV.

The 1970s saw Alistair and his wife moving to a farm in Ayrshire. Alastair spent many years on this farm until he moved to a nursing home in Beith where he spent his last years.

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Charlamagne Tha God As The King Of The Breakfast Club Show


On the chilly early morning just as the first light of dawn comes out Charlamagne Tha God, the co-host to the nationally syndicated show The Breakfast Club is always doing what he is well known for, and that is run his mouth. It is the same mouth that has seen him interview the likes of Hillary Clinton, Kanye West, and Martin Shkreli and has also seen him rise to fame. Charlamagne Tha God always speaks his mind, asking the elephants in his showroom haughty questions.


One of the reasons why the audience has received so much success nationally is their ability to get the big names in all genres in their studios. The syndicated Breakfast show airs over Power 105.1 FM FROM 6 Am to 10 Am. Their studios which are located on AT&T building on Sixth Avenue is where Charlamagne Tha God together with his co-hosts Angela Yee and DJ Envy give a wakeup call to the nation. They have had some of the biggest names on their hot seat ranging from Jay Z, Akon, Kanye West, and many other high personalities. However, in all this, Kanye West was considered to be the major hit when he stepped into the studio. Read This Article for additional information


Charlamagne conversation starter was to call the touchy Kanye West “Kanye Kardashian.” He then went ahead to name his latest album as whack. Tha God claimed that he is a fan of the rapper and that it pained him to ask him such questions. Kanye West who is also known to be quite prickled with the media decided to take this slow giving nonplussed double take. Charlamagne said that he never goes light on jokes claiming that there were only two things that he knew to help the morning show stay on top and that is how to keep a conversation going on and when you need to change it. Tha God said he had grown weary of talking about Donald Trump as the show had stuck on him for long.





E-Commerce Genius: Richard Liu Qiangdong


Graduating from one of the most prestigious universities in China, Renmin University with a degree in Sociology back in 1996 – Richard Liu has invested his time and effort as a young adult in developing and practicing his technological prowess through diving through independent coding work. Richard Liu Qiangdong after finishing in Remnin University, he then followed this up with a Executive Masters Business Administration Degree from the China Europe International Business School — where this was followed by a career in a Japan Life. From here on out, Richard Liu built his e-commerce empire to what is now known as is now backed up and supported by stockholders and major business partners like Walmart, Farfetch, WeChat and Alibaba to name a few. This is cemented on the skills, professionalism and trust founded by Richard Liu.

Richard Liu’s company, is the very first China based Internet company to be part of the Fortune 500 List – and Richard Liu Qiangdong in Fortune’s list of the “World’s Greatest Leaders”.

Earlier this year, back in January, in Davos – Klosters, Switzerland – Richard Liu Qiangdong attended, and delivered a speech to all of the world, and in front of world leaders: United States President Donald Trump, Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, United Kingdom Prime Minister May, to name a few.

Here as well, Richard Liu was interviewed by David M. Rubenstein to discuss how Richard Liu Qiangdong metamorphosed the retail industry through innovations in the supply chain.

Richard Lie Qiangdong discussed the newest retail strategy which is customer centered and that is a company that provides product and experiences. In this age of new retail, less experience is had by the consumer under asymmetric information and obstacles in shopping. Richard Liu’s new retail strategy is very focused on consumer engagement – such as customer stickiness, interaction, traffic and user base in the goals of improving sales conversion rate.

Basically, it is a hyperaged strategy of the flow of analyzing what is needed, deciding on which products to produce, comparing and choosing which channels to purchase them from and to further drive sales rooted from consumer interaction. View More Information Here.


This is how Richard Liu has pioneered and lead in his e-commerce empire.

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