Its Achievements

Nexbank is a bank that deals with giving financial products as well as services. It offers a wide range of services which include personal checking of accounts, savings accounts, mortgages, and even mobile banking. In addition to that, it offers commercial checking of accounts, internet banking treasury management, and so many more services. Nexbank gives loans to business people and also real estate loans. These services have really helped small entrepreneurs to start up their businesses and also has given loans to companies to help in carrying out the company’s businesses.

Besides this, it also offers financial advice to people and companies too. Some of the key people who have contributed to the success of the bank include Mr. John L. Holt who is the CEO and chairman of the bank, Ms. Stacy Malinda Hodges who serves as the Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer, Mr. Scott Mathew Siekielski who is the Executive Vice President, COD and Director of the bank. Ms. Tamara Hambright and Ms. Paula Vardell are also part of the board and also occupy big positions in the bank.

Their prolific leadership skills and ability to execute their duties in the bank is what has led to the success of Nexbank. On August 9th, 2017 the bank was successful in raising $20 million on equity capital. This money was set aside for the purposes of being utilized in important activities of the bank. Besides that, the bank has been successful in raising over $200 million gotten debts payment from clients. The shareholders of the bank also have played a big role in putting the bank to its current status.

They have helped in planning the business for the bank as well as in laying a strong foundation for the bank. The capital that Nexbank will get will greatly boost the growth of the bank which will, in turn, improve the bank’s performance. Matt Siekielski stated that the capital will be helpful in meeting the Nexbank’s goals and objectives which will help in taking the bank to greater heights.

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