Its Achievements

Nexbank is a bank that deals with giving financial products as well as services. It offers a wide range of services which include personal checking of accounts, savings accounts, mortgages, and even mobile banking. In addition to that, it offers commercial checking of accounts, internet banking treasury management, and so many more services. Nexbank gives loans to business people and also real estate loans. These services have really helped small entrepreneurs to start up their businesses and also has given loans to companies to help in carrying out the company’s businesses.

Besides this, it also offers financial advice to people and companies too. Some of the key people who have contributed to the success of the bank include Mr. John L. Holt who is the CEO and chairman of the bank, Ms. Stacy Malinda Hodges who serves as the Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer, Mr. Scott Mathew Siekielski who is the Executive Vice President, COD and Director of the bank. Ms. Tamara Hambright and Ms. Paula Vardell are also part of the board and also occupy big positions in the bank.

Their prolific leadership skills and ability to execute their duties in the bank is what has led to the success of Nexbank. On August 9th, 2017 the bank was successful in raising $20 million on equity capital. This money was set aside for the purposes of being utilized in important activities of the bank. Besides that, the bank has been successful in raising over $200 million gotten debts payment from clients. The shareholders of the bank also have played a big role in putting the bank to its current status.

They have helped in planning the business for the bank as well as in laying a strong foundation for the bank. The capital that Nexbank will get will greatly boost the growth of the bank which will, in turn, improve the bank’s performance. Matt Siekielski stated that the capital will be helpful in meeting the Nexbank’s goals and objectives which will help in taking the bank to greater heights.

Vinod Gupta – The Epitome Of EntrepreneurialIsm


About the Man – Vinod Gupta

Originally from India, Vinod Gupta had a humble beginning. Born to a life of bare necessities, Gupta focused on school and making a better life for himself and his family. After finishing high school, he went on to attend India’s Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) where he studied agricultural engineering.

In 1967, Vinod Gupta came to America to continue his education and receive his Master’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering and Business for the University of Nebraska. He later returned to his homeland in 2006 as a scholar and entrepreneur, to deliver the commencement speech to the IIT Kharagpur graduating class.


Career Beginnings – Gupta’s Trek

Vinod Gupta began his career with Commodore Corporation as a Marketing Research Analyst. Tasked with gathering information from all over the country, Gupta saw a need for a better system. Along with a fellow employee, Gupta developed a database with all the mobile home dealers in the U.S. After compilation he gave an option to the company he worked for to buy it for a hefty $9,000 or allow him to keep it and sell it to competitors. Well Commodore’s reaction was an opportunity for Gupta. When Commodore declined, he used it to his advantage and founded and created his first business American Business Information (ABI). ABI was just the beginning for Gupta. Get Additional Information Here.


Gupta Here and Now

Fast forward to today Vinod Gupta is the thriving force behind Everest Group an investment firm. He has taken his experiences from CEO, entrepreneurial ism, and technology savvy; to create a mega firm that handles funding to enhance success for struggling information technology companies.

Besides Vinod’s entrepreneurial prowess he has a charitable spirit. He has donated and been the champion for individuals that need work after experiencing hardships or struggling with disabilities. He is truly devoted and believes that information technology coupled with artificial intelligence is the wave of the future.

Vinod Gupta has been a huge supporter of Women’s Education and started the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic for Women in Rampur Maniharan.


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Top Facts About Richard Liu Qiangdong


Richard Liu is the founder, chairman, and CEO of, which is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in China that specializes in sales of computers and computer accessories. During an interview conducted by the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, Liu was able to give an insight on how to build a successful business without fear of failure. was started in 2004, and the name comes from Liu’s first name and his girlfriend last name. Liu first started working in his family transport business before joining a college in Beijing. While in school, Richard Liu started a restaurant business that failed miserably due to time constraint.


He later started a retail company that had a store around the city selling computer accessories. Richard Liu said that he was motivated to do business due to financial challenges facing his family. He states that at one point his grand mum was sick and the family was unable to raise money for medication. Therefore, Liu realized that he needed to make money. However, when the SARS epidemic hit the country, Liu had to close the store for fear of losing workers. This was when the idea of selling the computers on an online platform was born.


Richard Liu’s company took six years to put all the products online and focused on selling original products. Currently, the company enjoys a market value of $60 billion and 167,000 employees. Richard Liu has indicated that will be the top seller market for computers in China.


The company has an excellent market valuation, finance, technology and logistics, which will help it to emerge the top market in China. The firm can ship product around the world including Washington, London, Paris and many more within 15 days. But local shipment will only take an average of six hours in major cities and 20 hours in remote areas. Most of the popular product purchased by consumers on the JD website include fashion, food and consumers’ goods. The company has about 500 logistics centers. The company is focused on going global with their core business: e-commerce, technology, and logistics. View Related Info Here.


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Anthony Constantinou: Creating A Robot That Can Predict Game Results


The Queen Mary University of London has a dedicated department researching the possible applications of AI technology in the society. The Bayesian AI department, as it is called, is headed by Anthony Constantinou. Recently, he created a model called the Dolores, and he developed it to predict the outcomes of football matches. He entered a competition called the International Machine Learning for Soccer Competition, and his entry involved his work. The participants who joined the competition were provided with numerous results coming from 52 different leagues worldwide. There are missing data as well, the competition’s goal is to see which AI would be able to predict the match outcomes for football leagues that were played in 2017.


The creation of Anthony Constantinou landed in the 2nd place, and the judges were impressed with the abilities that it showcased. Dolores, as an AI, developed the ability to predict the outcome of numerous football matches by observing previous games. The hybrid Bayesian Artificial Intelligence also had a role in providing Dolores with the ability to predict the results accurately.


The Queen Mary University of London felt proud learning that one of their faculties managed to develop a complex AI that can predict game outcomes. For Anthony Constantinou, the work surrounding Dolores is not yet finished. He stated that the AI should undergo several developments before he can finally say that Dolores is ready to face the world. See This Page for additional information about Anthony Constantinou.


Anthony Constantinou’s fascination with machines and AIs began when he was a child, and now that he can create the robots that he wanted, Anthony Constantinou begins to turn his science fiction dreams into reality. He believes that in the future, the world would rely heavily on AIs, and he wanted to show his contribution for the future generations by creating a very smart AI system that could help thousands.




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