Match Wants to Bring Whitney Wolfe Down

     Whitney Wolfe is the founder of Bumble. She created the app to be part of a social network and help people make the right decisions no matter what they were looking for in a date or a friend. Women get to choose who they want to talk to and that’s part of what made the app different from other apps people could use. For Whitney Wolfe, the app gives her a chance to show women they can put the power back in their hands when it comes to dating. They don’t need to worry about what men are doing or how they’re trying to get women to just feel uncomfortable. There is very little harassment on Bumble because of how Whitney Wolfe set it up.

While the app is for dating, people can use it for other purposes. Bumble BFF allows women to find friends and connect with them. In a world that’s run by social media and people using their phones, Whitney Wolfe wanted women to have a place to connect with other women. She made this part of the app similar to the dating site, but it highlights the friendship qualities in each woman who tries to use it.

Even though there are things Whitney Wolfe must do to help people understand how the app works, she knows what it takes to give people the chance they need to really feel good about dating. Match wants to take that away from her and all the people who use the app, though. When she wouldn’t let Match buy her out, they started taking drastic measures that prevented people from trying to do things the right way. In fact, Whitney Wolfe is now facing a lawsuit because Match thinks she copied them and they want to bring her down so she’s forced to sell her company.

Since Match is Tinder’s parent company, they see where Whitney Wolfe was trying to steal information from their business. She used to work for Tinder. While she was just in the marketing department, Match things she spent time there looking at what the app was doing. They thought she stole their ideas and was using them as her own. She didn’t do that. In fact, she worked for Tinder but she started Bumble because she didn’t want people to only have Tinder to rely on. She wanted to change the world of app dating and make it easier.

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