The Philanthropy of Anthony Petrello

     Anthony Petrello is a man of many interests. His highest primary interest may be his role as the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, a national leader in the energy industry specializing in land-based drilling operations for oil and natural gas as well as off-shore specialty drilling. In addition, Nabors is also an international drilling company, having conducted drilling operations in over 20 countries. Tony has held the CEO position at Nabors Industries since 1991, leading them out of the energy industry doldrums of the late 1980s and building them into the established high-value company that they are now.

Aside from Tony Petrello’s professional career, there is also another focus for himself and his wife. They are well-recognized as significant philanthropists in their hometown of Houston, Texas, making several very generous donations to causes they feel bring additional quality of life to the community and helps others in the process, especially regarding children and education.

One of Anthony’s primary charitable donations was made to the Neurological Research Institute at the Texas Children’s Hospital. The gift of $5 million was a major contribution to the state hospital that does so much for the children of Texas suffering from a wide variety of neurological disorders. Another $2 million was also donated to the hospital in the future as the Petrello’s philanthropic work is scheduled to continue.

The couple’s contributory drive for this project includes the fact that they have a daughter with cerebral palsy who will also benefit from the high-quality expert care that will now be delivered to all of the children needing the hospital services. The donation will allow the management board to make the hospital a one-of-a-kind in children’s healthcare and a national model for other pediatric medical facilities.

Tony’s pursuit of charitable giving does not stop in Texas. Being a graduate of Yale University, the Petrollo’s have also established a financial campaign for Yale University by making a donation and extending an offering to match a similar donation to the university. The contribution will be used as the beginning of an endowment fund for a scholarship program that will be named in honor of Tony’s mathematics mentor while he was in college. Tony Petrello and his wife made a donation in the amount of $150,000 and will match another donation of $150,000 for the math scholarship endowment fund that will named after Dr. Serge Lang.

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