A Guide To Entrepreneurship With Sawyer Howitt

     Sawyer Howitt is a recent high school graduate who is helping grow business and entrepreneurship among millennials. He has developed and honed his skills in business and finance and is now in a very strong position to offer advice to startups and upcoming entrepreneurs on what to watch out for before or after going into business.

For millennials, the options for financing there startups have increased exponentially and it has seen a boom in the successful enterprises mushrooming across America.

He is currently a project manager with Meriwether Group and is also considered as a trustworthy advisor who is working towards changing the structure of commerce in both small and large-scale businesses. This will, in turn, translate to more business growth and development.

He has come up with a five-step program that could prove to be very resourceful for startups.

These five activities include

Hiring the right staff

As a startup, the need to have employees who are aligned with the business goals is very key.  When hiring is important to look for talent and skills that are needed in the line of business that the company has oriented itself to.  The employees should also be able to embrace the culture of the organization easily.  As an employer ensure that your staff is happy and content this will ensure that they give their level best always.

Know the numbers

Sawyer encourages new entrepreneurs to familiarize themselves with the various numbers that have a direct impact on the business.  This numbers mostly involve money and could range from capital, payroll, taxes and other expenses that the business.

Develop people skills

Ensure that as an entrepreneur you have some level of people skills that will enable you to articulate issues well and motivate employees in the organization.  This skills also come in handy when looking for investors and clients as most are first impressed by how good you are with them before deciding whether to move forward or not.

Maintain business focus

A new business requires a lot of attention and as an entrepreneur, it is important to ensure that you do not divest so much that the core business is hurt by a lack of attention.