Dr. David Samadi”s Insight On Menopause

     The stage of menopause is one of the most defining moments of a woman’s life. Many women fear to go through this juncture given the fact that there are a lot of misconceptions on what happens during this period. We all know that at given point in a woman’s existence they will have to deal with menopause. Women need to understand what happens during this stage so that they can prepare their mind to brace through it.

With a lot of information on reproductive health readily available on the internet, most women are aware of what will happen to their bodies during menopause. In as much as there is a lot of documentation on this matter, the menopause experience is unique to each woman. In some women, the menopause period will be characterized by minor symptoms while in others the stage will be defined by severe symptoms such as weight gain, hot flashes, and vaginal desiccation.

Regardless of what menopause holds for each woman, they all need to be aware of certain symptoms and conditions that might arise during this stage. Healthcare professionals in the field of Gynecology can help women know what they should expect and how they can cope.

Anytime women are discussing the subject menopause, there several questions which are bound to come up. One of the main issues is, at what age should a woman expect to deal with menopause? The answer to this problem is not definite. Just like menstruation, menopause doesn’t knock at a specific date and time. But from available statistics, most women can expect menopause anytime between ages 45 and 55 putting the median age of menopause at 51.

Another important question that women can ask about menopause is the likely symptoms one will experience during the stage. According to medical professionals, the menopause symptoms vary one individual to the other. Some will experience hot flashes which are characterized by a sudden change of one’s body temperature while some will experience muscle pains and a change in their moods.

Due to the hormonal changes in a woman’s body during menopause, medical doctors recommend that individuals look up for remedies that can enable them to manage the symptoms of the stage. Some of the known treatments include exercise, herbal therapies and vaginal lubricants for those who experience vaginal dryness.

Dr. David Samadi is one of the most seasoned individuals in the field of reproductive health. Dr. David Samadi is an accredited urologic oncologist with extensive training in several areas of medicine such as open and traditional and laparoscopic surgery. Dr. David Samadi also boasts of technical know-how in the field of robotic prostate surgery.

You can find Dr. David Samadi at the Lenox Hill Hospital or on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and his official website.

The successful life of Marc Sparks

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Marc is considered a religious man too. He has found a way of sharing the story of his life though writing. He has also published his book by the name, ‘They Can’t Eat You.’ In his book, Marc has shown the struggles of his life and his journey towards success. He has highlighted his strategies to cope up with the difficulties and hurdles of life. The core of his book is the risks that he takes amidst all the losses he faced. That’s the true spirit of success. He believes that risk taking is all what matters to become the kind of person he is today.



Marc, like all others, did mistakes in his professional life but learned from them and that is why he is now successful. Marc also possesses other unique qualities like being fearless, having a passion to take risks and build something new, believing in himself. He has always treated everyone with patience, kindness and the respect that every individual has. He has never exploited his workers.



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