Successful Businessman Glen Wakeman – CEO & Co-Founder LaunchPad Holdings

Glen Wakeman is presently the LaunchPad Holdings CEO after going for business and finance career. One of his achievements is the SAAS Company that he co-founded in the year 2015. Glen is an alum of University of Scranton and also a 1981 graduate in BS in Economics and Finance and the year 1993, he likewise sought after an MBA in Finance from Chicago University. Afterward, he initiated a thriving vocation in Business Development Positions and P&L after joining hands with GE Capital.

Glen has led to revolutionizing of different organizations which incorporate more than 17,000 staff individuals and $15 billion in resources while practicing his career leading their prosperity and advancement. His work has incorporated guiding of startups, new market, M&As, new companies, and exponential development among others. Glen Wakeman likewise uses his demonstrated instrument using five noteworthy execution fields: governance, execution, governance, risk management, leadership, and human capital.

Being in the field of venture and writing, Glen Wakeman has possessed the capacity to share his experience through custom blog entries in regards to developing markets, worldwide financial issues, organization and administration, and technique and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. As the mentor, he has helped various C-level directors and currently a consultant to Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded.

Glen Wakeman likewise shares blog content in various aspects of life including business change, world issues, and administration and offers advice on strategy, financing, and raising of capital. He mentors different C-level pioneers notwithstanding being a mentor to different new companies. More often than not, he is excited about advancement, development and official improvement. In the wake of living in six countries and having been responsible for a wide assortment of operations in 30 regions over the world, Glen Wakeman has obtained key world recognition in the whole executive career. LaunchPad Holdings operates an entirely automated program service enabling early stage business starters to plan their ideas well into achievable actions. The organization’s client base is national and the key reason it enjoys a developing curve.

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